What is Blogging and Why Bother?

That is the question.

Well, in this case, it has nothing to do with what this blog is about. “Sailing” in the title does not mean “rambling on about stuff non-sailing” (hmmm, should I call it something else?). I started this as a documentation of the trials and tribulations of getting from point A to point B and being open to recommendations from anyone interested… and get a few laughs (you gotta have fun). That being said, the most amazing thing happened yesterday!!

A while back I wrote a pretty insignificant sailing post about “something in the air”, a phrase burnt in my brain from a radio add in the 80’s. A year and a half later I get a comment from someone I do not know with the answer to my quest. The answer was ‘The Boston Beguine’ by Alice Ghostley in 1952.

I asked him how he found this and he replied “……I came across your site when I searched for ‘there was something in the air; there always is in Boston’, because my wife finally asked after hearing me mumble the expression for 50-odd years, ‘Where does that stupid expression come from?’ I couldn’t remember the name of the song, but I was Harvard ’57, and when I started there it was on the air mercilessly, that much I remembered. Finally the Boston Beguine came to mind, and there you have it.”

So, in short, that is what blogging is all about!

Stay tuned “in”

Capt Pete

ps… Didn’t see that one coming….. neither did I!!!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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10 Responses to What is Blogging and Why Bother?

  1. Blogging has to be fun, otherwise why bother. Its too much work otherwise. One of the things I find fun about it is “meeting” new people like you! Love the example of how that guy found your blog – brilliant!


  2. scirocco860 says:

    Hello Capt. Pete,
    It’s a small “wide web world” after all.
    Keep the blogs coming, They’re always fun to read.
    Luis in Toronto


  3. Maintaining a fairly honest and open blog is like maintaining a fairly dry boat. Instead of hunting rabbits, foraging for berries or keeping a fire going to scare wild animals, we invented other fun stuff, like writing comments here instead of working like I should be doing right now.


  4. Bryon Billado says:

    Wow! Cool! That line stuck in my head from the wbcn ad too!


  5. hanna says:

    Oh Pete,
    not only that I LOVE to read your blog not only that your blog teaches how to dougie american slang but your also such a philosopic dude!


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