Pondering Around Weekend…

Ponder = (transitive verb) – to weigh in the mind.

So what did you do this weekend???

DSC01180Actually I did one of the most dreaded boat owners’ task. I sanded the old antifoul paint (the bottom sacrificial paint that keeps “growth” from growing on the bottom of your boat, as if my lovely landlubber give a hoot) from the hull. I started last Sunday night, “night” meaning it got dark too soon. But this time I did it with a new velcro hook pad on my random orbital. I’ve had it for 3 years, used it to sand the hull 3 times plus all the exterior wood work that first year. Well, the old pad had lost its spunk, hence the sanding paper would fly off after a sq meter. With this new pad I finished the hull with only 2 papers and they’d gripped so well, they were hard to change. Words of advice… spend the 15euros and change your pad and save yourself the aggravation! Plus, do the sanding on a cold windy day!

And speaking of 3 years ago, Friday the 13th (!!!) was Zoot Allures 3rd birthday!!! It rained ALL day!

Then the pondering began. I was done sanding by 2pm on Saturday and psyched it was done for this year. So I hung out for a while, there was a kiddie party going on (Kosta and Paulas kid, Katerinas birthday…. man, little girls love to scream), and I head back to town to take a shower. No matter how well you protect yourself, that paint dust get in everywhere!

DSC01190DSC01187Sunday, back down in ol’ Zoot land, I decided to burn one. So I pretty much didn’t do squat! But Kostas had this wooded boat building dude to help him out on his project. I hung out, gave a little helping hand and listened to the lingo…. and hardly understood any of it. Wooden boat building is a totally different creature. DSC01197 DSC01193They were gluing this planks and then sliced them. Pretty intense work, and pretty groovy to watch! I tried to document it but it’s obvious it’s not one of my strengths. DSC01189But hey, it was a nice sunny day, ol’ Zoots hull is sanded and I got introduced to polyurethane wood glue! Now that’s something to ponder on!


DSC01192I gotta work every afternoon this week plus all day the next weekend. But they gave me tomorrow Tuesday off….. It may be a tranny day!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

DSC01199ps… I went shopping in Piraeus this morning and blew over 100 clams. Got 25meters of 10mm rope for my topping lift, sikaflex 291 sealant, some clips for the anchor sail, zincs for the prop shaft (conical) and pencils for the heat exchanger (with extras), and the big hull zinc. Also 3 filters for the tranny… hard to come by hence the three. I had forgotten how expensive boat “candy” stores are.

pss… boats are expensive… sailors are cheep!!



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Pondering Around Weekend…

  1. That’s a lot of big woodworking clamps to make a melted cheese board sandwich.
    First you got us hooked on your blog, now you got us hooked on Kostas’ wood boat project too.
    Your shopping wasn’t so bad, I just spent 27 euros on 5 l of 100% blue antifreeze, and it’s nothing but poisonous liquid.


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