Tiller-orama #3.1

Spring is in the air… but it just flew out the window! It’s like you get a couple of nice balmy days and then it’s cold and windy and rainy and shitty… pretty much a joke! That’s why they call it March… and don’t ask my why. It could be worse. You could spend Saturday on a mixing console, pretty much doing nothing listening to cooling fan noise, standing by watching a bunch of production company armatures running around in circles and freaking out. And since that’s what actually happened, I marched to my own drum reading 150 pages out of my book (bare with me… I’m looking on the bright side).

DSC01166 DSC01165But on Sunday, I went down to Zoot Allures with the plan to sand some old antifoul. Kostas was showing off the progress he’s making  to this other guy who had built a 11meter boat and we had coffee, looked at pictures and chatted about the psychosis of boat dudes! DSC01167After that, Kostas  showed me some tranny progress and then cut up some wood for the foot of tiller shaft so it’ll be raised so the transfer bars are horizontal. And it pretty much came out like this including a wedge for fine tuning the angle.

DSC01169It was cold and the epoxy putty was taking forever to dry so we left the dry fit for the next day. By then it was siesta hours (there actually is a law which prohibits making noise between 2pm and 5pm!) so we hung out munching, chatting and had a few pops by the fireplace. DSC01174At 5pm I popped out and prepped my self (mask, ears, eyes and random orbital) for the dreaded sanding. I had bought one of those disposable overall suits and glad I did. Those things are great, weird looking, but at least you don’t get all that old paint dust all over you. I only did one third of the boat… it got dark and I didn’t have enough sand paper… naturally! I stayed over and Monday morning we did a dry fit and took final measurements for the tiller shaft.

DSC01178So Kostas head out for the machine shop and for his gigs. It was so cold and windy I opted to go to work and leave the sanding for another day.

Sorta kinda moving/Marching along…

Stay tuned

Capt Pete



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Tiller-orama #3.1

  1. Your very talented Kostas is a savior! I suppose genetic cloning won’t come soon enough to place one Kostas in every port area around the world.
    Looking forward to seeing that tiller in action and you enjoying the spacious cockpit.


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