Sewing a V-Berth Insert

And all the landlubber girls go “Hey-O!”

And I say “f$@% that noise!”

So what a v-berth insert is, is basically a box cushion with trapezoid shape that will transform the 2 single beds (berths for non-landlubbers) in the front of Zoot Allures, into a nice double bed with all the benefits (hint hint). Easy enough you’d think. So did I. What a dummie!!!!

DSC01161DSC01158Consulting the Sairite U-Tube page, I was feeling quite confident. I had acquired all the necessary gear over the holidays and was ready. But it ended up being a humongous pain in the butt. I think the main problem is that I was using a soft fabric for the first time. Measuring, marking and cutting it was tedious and took the better part of an afternoon (measure twice-cut once!). DSC01159DSC01160Yesterday I hit the sewing machine and set it up… puckering was an issue. But the hardest part was the zipper boxing panel. What a royal p.i.t.a! You fold it in half, sew down it’s length, flat open the innards (I broke out the iron!), sew the zipper without a zipper head (whoops, I need one) and then splice open the fold. Uggg! Then you gotta sew the boxings (2 of them- the zipper one and the other one) onto the first panel and within each other. Then the other panel. Going around the corners was ambiguous, and towards the end my patience was trying up. Naturally my bobbin ran out on the last 20 cm (sonofabitch!… it takes me for ever to thread the machine… mainly the needle due to old eyes) and on the last corner (corners…you leave the needle buried, lift the foot and turn the fabric) I forgot the foot up resulting in a jam!! I soooo hate when that happens. And right on the last stitch! But it got done! Feeling pessimistic since I strayed alot off my markings, I stuffed the foam in and viola!

DSC01164It’s a tight fit… hopefully the stitches will hold at least one season. Then when it falls apart, I’ll give the damn thing to a pro!!!!

I guess you guys weren’t expecting this, eh. But every day you gotta do something towards your goal. The goal isn’t important…. its the journey.

‘Felling that’s all a bunch of crap right now…

Stay tuned and comfy comfy

Capt Pete

ps… my pad is totally trashed! Again!!!!!!!!!!

pss… I will now accept comments from the for-mentioned land lubbers…


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Sewing a V-Berth Insert

  1. I’m a semi-landlubber and I want to see the landlubber girls go “Hey-O” when I change the antifreeze sometime soon?
    Seriously, the final product looks great…hardly a wrinkle in the fabric. By the time you get to the last one you’ll be ready to open a marina-side canvas shop…sorry, a canvas studio.


    • Hey, aren’t girls considered bad luck on a boat??? Ah, the good old dayzz. So yeah, no wrinkles cause it’s so tight, it might pop the seams.
      Get to the last one?? That is the last one! I had all the upholstery done 3 years ago and it’s… green! I’d love to open a canvas studio but I kinda suck at it. But I like the idea of having a machine on-board, hang up a sign and just cruise the world. Just a thought/dream…


  2. Nice work. Way better than I could do!


  3. Christina dePian says:

    I think you did great! Ahoy onto the next, captain, you are weathering well, pillows and all!


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