Winter Boat Building.


It’s been cold. Single Celsius digits with snow flurries for the past two weeks. It’s nothing close to Boston (which I miss) but it’s getting boring! And to un-bore ourselves, we do stuff.

Kostas is building a 5.5 meter  wooden sailboat!!

DSC01120DSC01114DSC01117I drove in Saturday morn to find him trimming the transom. My first reaction was “it’s f-ing cold!”. Plus it was drizzling on occasion. So getting much done was not in the stars. But he did open the slot for the drop keel.  I brought my cheep Lidl router which did a fine job. A bit nerve wracking going at such a beautiful piece of iroko wood but it came out sweet. Routers are nice tools and I’m inspired to actually make use of it…. as soon as I finish up my other projects (which are progressing sloooowly). DSC01116 DSC01118 Naturally Alex was present with his “2 cents”. It must be nice to have a boat whose “to do” list is practically none existent! All he has to do is change a fore-stay. Pffff… childsplay!

the boys

the boys

DSC01128DSC01126With this lousy weather, I’ve been up to other stuff. Last week I got some (free leftover) fabric from my balcony tent guy and out of four panels of 3×0.5 meter I made a winter 3×2 meter cockpit cover. I was already on my 2nd cheep tarp which hasn’t been up to the task this windy winter (meaning they ripped to shreds). Sewing 3meter long fabrics in your living room is quite a challenge. I wanted to document/photo the process but there was too much chaos! I wouldn’t say it came out great but it was great practice. And because the fabric was free, it was naturally in different colours. Kostas asked me which country the flag is from?

DSC01125I have no idea.

Stay tuned….. and warm

Capt Pete

ps… Saturday was a club carnival party. I borrowed a pirate eye patch and scarf but it was annoying after a minute, so I left it (the patch) in the middle of my forehead impersonating a blinded pirate cyclops. Paula (remember bad-ass coffee Paula?) dressed up as Calamity Jane. Woof!

pss… I ordered the tranny parts…. details to come soon. All I’ll say is that I hate banks.

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6 Responses to Winter Boat Building.

  1. Zarinda says:

    It is good to see Zoot draped in the Irish Flag


  2. I’m not sure anyone likes banks except bankers 🙂


  3. If it weren’t for your blog, I’d be living with the misconception that Greece was at least a bit warm in the winter…like a young English couple I once met sailing home after wintering in the Med. They chewed my ear off on a long rant about how they nearly froze to death over the winter, how they had been scammed by travel magazine pictures.
    Moral of the story: pictures are deceiving, make sure women are really wearing bikinis, and not fur coats, before you visit.


    • There are some really amazing days in the winter here. Like yesterday… b-e-a-u-tiful! Then the sun went down and the temps “got down”! As in “hey, it’s f-ing freezing!”. The Med IS cold in the winter. A good heating scenario is a must! How else are you gonna remove the fur!?!


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