Burnt and Buried.

How’s that for a macabre title?!?

Well this is just gonna be a short one…. better than nothing.  But before I begin, look who’s coming for dinner tomorrow night

Screenshot_2015-02-08-23-46-23Screenshot_2015-02-08-23-43-54Sure It’s a bad mother. This weekend was really nice but this bad boy is flying through, dropping the temps… we might get snow in Athens. Kinda resembles the cold shoulder The EU has been sending us. F-’em! I’m just happy to be on the hard. Kostas is already planning staying aboard his s/v Kaisi and hopefully there wont be more damage done than the new years blow.

Buried…… the news on the tranny front is that we’ve decided to rebuild the TMP transmission. So I spent most of my time (also between rendering and archiving @work) trying to make my final list of parts to order from England. I don’t want to get stuck missing “this little thing” or “that little thing” at the last minute. This whole “thing” (having a dead boat) is getting tiring and trying.


DSC01108Burnt…. hey, remember me puling out my manual bilge pump when I first got Zoot Allures? Well, as I was flushing out my cleaned water tank into the bilge, it was an opportunity to work the pump. And the frickin’ thing doesn’t work… naturally  So I pulled it again to change the flaps and flange (because I’m a dummy for not doing it then). And I managed to burn the rest of my (already burnt) right shoulder in the process. Those hoses are so old they had no elasticity to them and they wouldn’t budge, so I hacked them off. The bright side is that I found all the necessary spares on board…. sweet! So I brought it home to finish up between “ice pack”-ing my shoulder. Hopefully we wont get snow and I’ll manage to blast out to get new hoses and install it once and for all.

So that’s about it. The sagas are hence on hold. Maybe if it’s nice and cold and windy next weekend I’ll sand the old antifoul.

With this shoulder? Yeah, right!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… have I ever mentioned I’m a social butterfly plus work too much on a crazy schedule? It’s already mid February. Times flying and I’m starting to feel pressured to get “wet” again!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Burnt and Buried.

  1. horaciomateus says:

    Nasty looking wind and cold – a brutal combination. Hey, I had two of those pumps, even same color. I mounted one on the crap-tank pump out and, having an aluminum body, the hose connectors rusted to shit (sorry about the pun). Those things work great, except for the corrosion problem.
    Good luck with the transmission parts. Those schematic diagrams make me dizzy.


    • Dizzy is right! I used to do mechanical design as an engineer a long time ago and don’t find any particular romance in schematics anymore. Like Godfather Pacino said…” every time i try to get out, they pull me back in!”


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