Tiller-orama #2.1 …with Chocolate Pizza?

Chocolate Pizza?


At least it got your attention. Little girls like to learn to cook. Cook…. as in make something you’ll probably regret eating.

DSC01101And speaking of cooking, last Saturday I went into work for a post new years party. I split within 5 minutes! What was I thinking wasting my day there?? Hanging with my mother and sis was a better option! And after that, I cruised down to Zoot Allures…. a wonderfully mild weekend, lots of southwestern winds and very dusty skies with low visibility, but warm…. sweet!

DSC01088DSC01098So Sunday Kostas and I conceptualized and made the plans for the tiller project. We also removed what was on the end of the rudder post which evolved lowering the rudder. Now that was something I wasn’t expecting but a good idea for servicing reasons. What I’m really happy about is that at last we got the bypass valve on the hoses that used to connect to the pedestal wheel. Every time we would turn the rudder, ATF would shoot out of those hoses even though I’ve drained most out at the autopilot pump, creating an annoying mess.

DSC01090I’m not quite sure where its home will be so for now, it’s just “hangin'”. But the tiller rod and bars have been purchased and have been taken to the machine shop for “machining”. Hence the 2.1 version of this ….. whatever.

DSC01092DSC01096Feeling productive, I worked on the water tank cleaning project. ‘Finally got the hose off, poked threw the exit pipe with a coat hanger and now its resting with water and vinegar (there’s a lot more water than pictured). I also installed some led strips which refuse to stick for long on the vinyl ceiling, so I superglued the sob’s (just a drop every 10cm).

So that pretty much raps up this mini-update

As always..

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps…. the tranny saga has become a bit annoying. I’ve found a couple of TMPs but they are all smaller (ratio and drop) and all the other require too much modifying to install. Probably going to rebuild.

pss…. super glue is my friend and keeps all the aspects of my life stuck together!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Tiller-orama #2.1 …with Chocolate Pizza?

  1. Ilias says:

    do boats have rudder authority?can you incorporate yaw dambers?do you use dark or white choc on the pizza?is it alarming that you know what little girls like ?all great questions and mind puzzling


  2. horaciomateus says:

    I see you write your schematic diagrams in Greek. Maybe that’s why I’m a bit fuzzy on all this lowering the rudder and tiller rod and bars stuff. I guess I’ll wait for the next tiller-orama episodes to see what you’re up to. Hopefully, for your sake, your tranny-orama show will have only one episode.
    Meanwhile, it would be great if I could install a bypass valve on my head – I’d just turn it on whenever besieged by work and other hassles :-).


    • Oh, those “other” hassles!
      The schematics are Kostas’. Basically the rudder got lowered because the top of the stock is squared and the bar will have a square hole to fasten to it. The stock has a retaining nut almost flush with the cockpit sole, so we removed it by lowering the rudder. Make sense? Probably not! I’m sure it’ll all be clear later on.
      Cheers and Happy Birthday!


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