Tiller-orama #2

‘Miss me?

I miss me too.

Nuf said…… on with the saga! Since it’s been over a month, for anyone who gives a hoot, check out Tiller-orama #1. Plus this might get boring to landlubbers…. so just look at the damn pictures.

DSC01071As we left off, the wheel and pedestal are “off” and the hydraulic lines were sticking out of the cockpit sole. We (Kostas and I) got the lines “under” the cockpit. Then we tried to disconnect the lines from were they are tee-ed off. That didn’t work so well due to there location. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….contortionists…. eat your heart out!! DSC01072We eventually just connected the lines together (meaning the hydraulics are bypassed), refilled the system with ATF and tested to see if we could  move the rudder with the emergency tiller. And we can, so  that test was done. DSC01074I’m leaving out how long this took, all the grunting, sweating, swearing and ATF all over the place. But we did have Alex keeping us company and maintaining equilibrium.

DSC01077DSC01082So where shall we put the tiller?? Normally it should connect directly on the rudder shaft. But that is at the end of the cockpit sole. Having it there, the tiller would be to short due to the main sheet location. Yada yada yada…. we have concluded to have it coming out of the  aft combing. The tiller shaft will be parallel to the rudder shaft  connected via stainless bars. (Of course you probably can’t understand what I’m talking about but don’t worry, future posts will make it clearer). Pictured is a mop stick and folded paper in place for measuring purposes.

DSC01081 DSC01078But for whoever is interested in the areas were all this is happening and were I’ve been spending too much time, here are some shots from under the cockpit looking aft.

DSC01084 DSC01083And here are a few looking at the rudder shaft looking forward from under the cockpit seat.


I told you landlubbers this was going to be boring!

So, the measurement have been taken and tomorrow morning I’m hitting Piraeus with Kostas to source out the materials.

DSC01086Other stuff going on was that my secondary aluminum water tank was clogged with salt (?) and stuff so I had to take care of that via its inspection port. There is always something to do on a boat. As my friend Horacio  from Zen to Zero has said “We either have our heads in a boat or a boat in our heads. What a life.“!

Stay tuned

Capt. “contortionist” Pete

ps….. ATF is is fine oil which has been spilling all over mother nature. My hands have never been so soft. No need for Palmolive!

pss…. a sneak preview on the tranny-orama…. We found a factory rebuilt ZF 25M for 900 euros. It’s “drop” is 4cm less that the TMP 12cm which means the engine has to be lowered, new bell house plate…..hmmm…. we’ll see. Tomorrow we might check out another Perkins w/tranny. ‘Use the tranny and keep the Perkins for parts??

psssssss…. DSC01068I BBQ-ed a fish (tsipoura) on my home balcony which I haven’t managed to do since I bought Zoot Allures almost 3 years ago!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Tiller-orama #2

  1. sryoder says:

    Keep those details coming. I’m very interested to see how this is all done and how it all turns out when it is done. Oh, and your friend Horacio left out the times when we have out heads in our boats’ heads. Yech!


  2. horaciomateus says:

    Well worth waiting for this pictorial post…feels like I’m there having fun watching you work instead of slaving on my boat. Nice to see the grounding wire connected to the rudder post. And that’s one big ZF25 tranny, mine is only ZF12M for a 44 hp engine…maybe that’s why I’m on my second one.
    Sryoder, your very true “head in the head” observation no longer applies to me. I bought myself a Lavac toilet years ago and completely eliminated all shitty days (excuse the pun) in that department.


    • I’m lol-ing with these head games!
      The tranny prob is finding one with a 3:1 reduction and a 12cm shaft drop. Only the ZF25 comes close with 2.7 and 9cm. The bellhouse plate has to be modified plus engine mounts for lowering plus plus plus….. jeez.!
      Nice to see you enjoying the pics with grounding wires etc.


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  4. Matt says:

    It was hydraulic steering not cables? Oooof, that would be messy!


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