Holiday Limbo

And another batch of holidays has come and gone. The time of family and friend get-togethers, good festive feasts, good wine, love, little work, lots of sleep…. What did you do with your holiday??

In a nut shell, mine was like all the above. But allow me to elaborate on a few details. My sis’s kid came to visit from The Hague and we took off for Nafplio including Mom and dumb dog Panos. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We had Christmas lunch outside just wearing a t-shirt! On the Eve we went to the beach. Sis and Luis and Panos went for a long walk while Mom and I went to a tavern for sardines and ouzo. The tavern was closed so we took a walk by the fishing boats, and by the time we all got back together, the sun wasn’t so high and I was hungry and grumpy. That didn’t detour Sis and Luis and Panos and they all went for a swim. On Christmas Eve! I had my bathing suit with me but I wussed/grumpied out and seeing this picture is driving me nuts that I didn’t indulge in such an opportunity. (click to enlarge)


Another highlight is that when we returned to Athens a few days later, the weather went foul. High winds, cold and snow! Especially on New Years.  Zoot Allures’s friends in the harbor had a horrendous time in 40 plus knots, everyone’s stern hit the concrete at some point, mooring dragged, even a bow cleat broke in half on a Hunter 38. One heluva way to start a new year. But the view of snow capped mountains was beautiful.

So the party is over! Time to get serious. Thursday I’m heading down to Piraeus with Kostas to find a transmission.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps…. I think it’s obvious by now that I’m not really quite sure what to write about lately. Lets face it, writing up on how I’m fixing my boat again is starting to loose it’s spunk. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on behaviorism and human relationships… not so much on boats…. but it also is a tool of knowledge. ….What?

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Holiday Limbo

  1. Christina dePian says:

    Really a great photo! And Panos is very clever! And yes, we had a great time! And tools of knowledge are also useful…!

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  2. horaciomateus says:

    First you show us a beautiful beach scene and then report snow in Athens!!
    Don’t worry about losing interest in writing about boat slavery – you’ll get over it, I hope, when you splash.
    Yeah, life has much more to offer than mere boats, and the same can be said about women, but once you’ve indulged it’s hard to give them up.

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    • Thanks Horacio. Your comments are always a breath of fresh air. All my mistresses have been getting to me. Did I mention my car and motorcycle have been breaking down as well……..yeeeesh! Plus elections again in 10 days. My remedy has been adopting a Louis C.K. attitude!


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