Can of Worms… Eww!

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again. Time to turn my beautiful, humble, therapeutic floating dwellings into a…..mess! DSC00993Done it before and I’ll do it again with the same results, hence the title of this post. Ok, those aren’t worms in my tub, just a couple of jibs sheets, a main sheet, main furling out-haul line and the jib furling line. Looks kinda weird to me though(?). And this looks weirder!

Notes on the vid. Scratched lens so half of it is foggy. Camera (old gopro) too far away. Each vid was approx 40min squeezed down ~1500% in Premiere and youtube really kills the quality. Plus the song is “City of Tiny Lights”, one of my fav Zappa songs featuring Adrian Belew , which youtube won’t play in Germany(?).

So…. the weather has changed. It’s cloudy, rainy, windy and cold (damnit!). This weekend was mostly prepping for the can (of worms dummie… you forgot already?). I filled a car load of “stuff” which has to be emptied in my city pad, turning it into a…. well, a squeeze called it very “boem” (bohemian) looking. DSC00992Chores accomplished where running the engine with water to flush out the sea water. Cleaning. And I also got the shaft coupling off (again) and without screwing my back up…again (but I did get really dizzy spending a good half hour half upside-down down there). whoopassI also spent some time under the cockpit and other places where man has never set foot before and has not seen the light of day. That was to look where the cockpit steering hydraulic lines hook up so to install a bypass valve for the can called “replace cockpit-wheel-steering to tiller”. Hopefully I’ll find only worms and not a can of “whoopass” . What’s a bored procrastinating contortionist supposed to do?   ‘Didn’t find it… got interrupted for…. well, it involved drinking raki (I told you it was cold!).

But that being said, the first think that has to be done is pulling the transmission out (hence removing the coupling). Which means draining engine cooling raw water, removing heat exchanger and god knows what else…. hopefully not the Perkins! Cause that would definitely would be this…


Stay tuned and please eat fresh vegetables!

Capt Pete

ps…. whatayamean who’s Adrian Belew? Ever heard of King Crimson, Talking Heads etc etc? Three of a Perfect Pair “….oh, what a perfect mess”



pss… of course there are other projects to maaaaybe be done this winter. Electrics and who knows… even some shelves in the hanging locker, but I’ve heard that one before!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Can of Worms… Eww!

  1. The high-speed flick makes hauling out look like a walk in the park. Brilliant post. Don’t take a bath with your lines, you might get arrested for “solo bondage”!
    Either algae in Greek waters are wusses or you’re using a mighty scary anti-fouling paint.

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    • “solo bondage”…LMFAO! I would probably end up drowning myself! As for antifoul… the cheep stuff. But it was only 5 months. Actually, the bottom of the keel had a goatee but I scraped that with my last swim.

      I thought we slaves were into bondage?!?!?


  2. Christina dePian says:

    yes yes… brilliant post!
    yes yes… shelves!

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