Adiós Amigos (x2)

Amigo #1

10418952_10204916838781333_4381572675029566371_nSotiris, the husband of my good cousin Helen, passed away the previous Friday. I don’t want to drag you all down with stuff like this but I just had to write something somewhere… having been to too many funerals the past 5 months, this one hit a spot. Sot was a soul friend, the kind you don’t see very often but you are always together some how. I bought his Motto Guzzi V5 years ago and he nicknamed me Sucker. I nicknamed him Sucker as well (I can’t remember why) and that’s how we rolled. Sot was an elementary school teacher. I remember him saying what he’d do to the kids, mess with their minds, in a good way, in away that left positive impact. He was totally into it and made quite an impact on the the educational process. Tons of kids and previous students were at the funeral. Like Helen , his 2 kids and many others, I’m missing Sot dearly and always shall. DSC00960 DSC00959That Friday, after visiting Helen with G.S. and Vicky, I got down to ol’ Zoot. It had been windy earlier but it was dieing out and the sky was surreal.

Nuff said… Adiós Amigos #2

Saturday, cancelled all plans with visitors ( sorry Stamos+++), and decided to sail to Perati Island alone, anchor and swim in the beautiful waters, cook&eat&drink&nap and be back for sunset.  Started up the Perkins but no cooling water comin’ out the exhaust. Dove in and cleaned the intake, restarted, got cooling water comin’ out, let go of the mooring, set sail in a beautiful 12knot breeze and shut down. Approaching Perati, the wind died, started up the Perk and again no H2O,. So……… fuck! A small current was taking me to “the rocks” and it was over 50meters deep and I was “oh…fuck”-ing! That afternoon, I knew the wind was going to pick up from the north and sure enough, I spotted the ripples on the horizon, caught it, and sail back and tied up on my mooring, again, under sail only, again. Hence Adiós Amigos #2. I’m done! I’m hauling out!

Screenshot_2014-10-23-19-17-18This weekend is almost a four day weekend, Tuesday being a national holiday. But the weather has been holding its prediction of foul weather. Yesterday (Wednesday) was a beautiful day. The perfect window in the weather for a haul out. The kind of day you just feel so great to have a boat and feel totally reluctant to haul out. Alas… it’s always the case.

DSC00962DSC00963Back to the cooling thang. I popped the cap of the impeller, turned the Perk but no spin. Pulled the pump off and the goddamn coupler which broke last year had come loose of the shaft. DSC00965Plus my sea cock leaks so I got funky with some extra hose and a TruePlug. So Tuesday afternoon I blast out of work, picked up the pump from the shop who holed the shaft and pimped the “fastening”. Zoomed to ol’Zoot, installed, bid adios to my mooring and tied in the harbor as it was getting dark. DSC00958DCIM100GOPROI proceeded to take care of business (dingy, mast electric cabling, oil change etc) partied, listened to loud music, polished off the raki I had aboard and even fed the swans who always manage to bid me adios for my haul outs. DSC00966Naturally I didn’t use a flash so the pic sucks, but you wouldn’t believe me. I fed them rusks and tried to have an intellectual conversation with them for half an hour. Wednesday morn… haul out. What can I say. Capt Kostas (aka C.K.) is the man. I couldn’t do any of this stuff without him!

DSC00974DSC00979DSC00983The different thing this year is that we de-masted on the truck post hauling. That’s kinda high up. Like, if you fell off the boat, you’d go splat, not splash… not good! All went well, I’m just not so hot on heights, too busy to take pics, but the view was great. I propped the GoPro on my car so there is a video I’ll put up some cold winter day.

DSC00984 DSC00985So yada yada, Zoot Allures is back in the yard. Same spot, same Bat Channel. DSC00986The list of this winter’s projects are funky and large, but I really gotta turn in for the night. The past week has been quite a week. My mind and knees are going nuts!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Adiós Amigos (x2)

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend.

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  2. When somebody you know dies before old age, it feels all the worse and harder to accept.
    You should start training sessions on Zoot teaching sailors how to grab a mooring under sail and coping with engine failure. I’m impressed.

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