Orthodox Weekend

Well yes.

DSC_0189This weekend had a total lack of sailing adventure. It’s main theme was the Greek orthodox church. I’m not going to get into religion here, I just saying I spent a lot of time in church, “a building used for religious activities, particularly worship services.” (wiki quote).

Saturday I attended the service and burial of cuz G.S.’s mother and a fine aunt of mine, Efi. She was a fine lady who’s time had come. She shall be missed. The nice part where the memories which run though your mind and seeing lots of relatives. A day of the heart.

Sunday was the baptism of Kostas’ wife’s Paulas’ sisters and Dimitris kid, George! (Did you get that….. I probably phrased it wrong). DSC_0180DSC_0182After getting up early and dealing with re-installing an anchor for the dingy mooring which had disappeared(! Yes, boat stuff! An swimming!), I went to the harbor to join DSC_0185Alex for his cup of “bad ass” coffee (sorry Paula, you are slacking). There was some kind of rally antique going on and was quite a sight seeing so many Fiat500’s an other cars from my childhood and earlier.

At noon Alex and I hustled to the church in the village of Kouvaras, a quaint little village with an even quaint-ier road leading there driving by thick pine forest (hardly any left) and monasteries. DSC_0197 DSC_0198All of the usual suspects where there, and then some more. My phone camera has been goofie so not much to show from the ritual, but you must have heard it. Little George put up a fight and all the little girls where quite impressed(?!). The priest was not amused. DSC_0204Out in the church yard was a small party with a zillion kids running around, good wine and snacks. And of course lots of pro sea dudes taking shop. It was alot of fun. Since we all were having a good time and since the church had “other business”, we all drove to a small horse club somewhere in the hills where the kids had enough space to go wild and us old farts could have a cup of joe. DSC_0206At some point, out of nowhere,  a stampede of pony’s and lamas where upon us. About 10-15 of each. Truly bizarre… and a treat for the kids. It was truly a kiddy day. They were all having an amazing time… and so was I just looking at their little faces.

DSC_0191DSC_0207We all ended up leaving at sunset. It was a beautiful day. As for Zoot Allures…. well let say I’m all church-ed out and kiddie-ed out for a while. I’m planning on hauling out by the end of October. The weather is getting winter-funky and I’m getting busy at work. Gotta work this Sunday (d’oh!). That leaves me 2 1/2 weekends to do some sailing/swimming/floating on H2O.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… and for all you perverts out there (takes one to know one), baptisms are m.i.l.f city!!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Orthodox Weekend

  1. sryoder says:

    MILF City, eh? You dirty dog, you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. horaciomateus says:

    MILF. I’d heard of it, knew that it had hormonal connotations, but didn’t know what it really meant, until now – Google solved that. You dirty dog, you.
    Have some respect. Me, I say MIL…to flirt with, and then see what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christina dePian says:

    I assume the second…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MILF
    …. let you know about the next baptism in town…!
    By the way, any of these very creative looking children interested in art workshops at the Benaki Museum???


    • Wow! Throw a catchy word/abbreviation in a “ps” and the crowds go wild!
      Yes, the second!
      The children….. I have no idea who’s was who’s. There where just too many! For workshops? I dunno…. I’m a sucker for fat cheeks! Sooooo cute!


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