Sailing Zoot Allures

It’s like when the title of an album is the bands’ name.

10252131_355212164646021_2433814864508976384_nZoot Allures is a sailing machine… not the slug I was assuming. Allow me to elaborate.

10703568_355212037979367_8077835660978760639_n10660097_355211234646114_8766250245784765132_nLast weekend was awesome. The weather was great and so was the company. Saturday morning I was called to take part in a race. Started last, passed 2 boats and quit. Sunstroke in light winds is not my fancy. What I did fancy was meeting up with my buddy boats (Kostas and Alex on s/v Kaisi and Achilleas) and park10534196_355284257972145_3109603594911570329_n nicely under the house of Picasso’s daughter Paloma on Petalious Island. What can I say. The water was superb, the food plenty, the drinks were flowing and as you can see… “I’m a gift to the women of the world” (Lou Reed). Please dispose of your barf bags appropriately.


But the best part was returning the next day. I left a couple of minutes before the others. Sailing along, my speedometer thingy (Raymarine crap)  said I was doing 3.5-4 knots. But the others were not passing…? I asked them later why not and they said I’m a great sailor and was flying at 6.5knots! Go figure.!

BUT…. The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is… attitude! When I got back, my engine wouldn’t start, again. No problemo, I’ve tied up on my mooring under sail more times than I’d like to mention, plus I left my dingy tied to it… ‘should be a piece of cake. Well it seems leaving in a hurry, one of my knots wasn’t good enough, the dingy was gone (later to be found) and the mooring lines on the sea bed. Long story short…it was an adventure!

Stay tuned for more high speed adventures….

Capt Pete

untitledps…. and speaking of high speeds, this weekend I’ll be flying in one place! It’s all part of the program. And if I find the guy who wrote it (the program),  I’ll………………..

pss…. thanks Efi for the photos!!!!!!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Sailing Zoot Allures

  1. Christina dePian says:

    6.5 knots! Wow! Braaaavo captain Pete! Ortsa!
    As for the ordeal vs adventure, I wish you stimulating and exciting ones, wherever your attitude leads you…!


  2. horaciomateus says:

    All sail up, 6 kts, two attractive women aboard and beautiful anchorages is the fruit of top quality attitude that will definitively elevate your altitude!!
    Forget the ordeals, they’re just old newspapers blowing down Baker Street, the morning headache you pay for a great party. Sail on.


    • (Actually the dames were on an other boat) Yes, my atidude has surpassed all altitudes. And now that you mentioned it, I did have a headache Monday morning reclaiming the dinghy from the port police after sleeping on Alex’s boat in port. Arrg.


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