Dog Cruise#2

DSC_0145Hey, I’m still here in Nafplio on the farm with Mom and sis. Zoot Allures is on a borrowed mooring again (after moving, anchoring, moving again), lot of pottering around, sis cleared out the attic(!) and we finally got rid of my football helmet from 1968!! I took 3 loads to the trash and recycling. Plus I blasted into Athens to attend yet another funeral this summer (my poor buddy Percules lost is beloved dog Patiya earlier this month and now his mom…sad summer). Rather odd how fast a car is on the highway compared to sailing!

Screenshot_2014-08-11-14-48-3020140805_082546Back to the Dog Cruise. After 3 overnights it was time to leave Kythnos. Raised anchor at 7:30am for the 60mile haul to the southern tip of Ydra. The wind was from the north and the forecast was for a force 6 for the first third of the crossing. And indeed it was. Sails reefed with the motor ticking over and we maintained 5-6 knots. Panos did his pass out thang and sis got her first taste of open water wavey heeling sailing (and was a bit concerned, if you knowwhatimean).20140805_142128 20140805_140725 After a while the wind died down, set up some shade and we motored, monitoring the compass. Sis sort of managed(?), found it too mesmerizing, passed out, so I took over. Panos….well, you know.



Later in the afternoon we approached the bay at the tip we wanted to anchor, only to find it full of other yachts, beach benches and umbrellas, high speed taxis shuttling crowds….blah! …so we motored on and started up on the other side in desperate search for a peaceful place to anchor.20140806_10152020140806_101543 It was looking grim but we did find a tiny place. ‘Used both anchors to keep from maybe swaying onto the rocks and…rested. The next morning we realized how beautiful it was. (I’ve shot some gopro video I’ll upload in Sept.) Screenshot_2014-08-11-14-48-49After some good swimming we set off at noon for Porto Heli cause by now we were in need of provisions. 20140806_14315620140806_14311320140806_143351And we pretty much sailed the whole way, taking our time and enjoying the view passing behind the Island of Dokos and in-between Spetses and mainland GR. Even did some “wing and wing”… a fun passing. It was getting cloudy and we could see some funky weather coming from were we were going. 20140806_165129Porto Heli is a large bay, full of moorings, light blue shallow waters. I anchored nicely and we went ashore. We could see the storms approaching and were in a hurry…. the winds had shifted 180 degrees and began to increasingly blow! We hurried back. I wanted to go someplace more “unoccupied” but there were a ton of boats pouring into the bay for shelter so we re-anchored and hunkered down. Panos was on storm watch.

20140806_17142920140806_175806 20140806_175922And then it rained….. pretty much poured! I think this is probably my first storm! WooHoo! Zoot Allures got nice and clean! And it was nice and cool, very welcoming in the summer time. By sunset it all cleared out and we dingy-ed ashore for dinner (thanks again sis!)


Porto Heli neibour

Porto Heli neibour

Next morning we were outathere. We had one more stopover before getting to Nafplio. The first little bay I was aiming for wasn’t how we wanted so we went further down to Korakonisi. It to wasn’t so great but it had to suffice. Sis would take Panos for his walks and take pictures while I pretty much stayed aboard.

20140807_163645 20140807_193713 20140807_193245 20140807_181506 20140808_144202At 5am we awoke to some nasty rocking and rolling, sis’s first, so we moved a bit over to a island rock just a bit over since the winds were down. And it was sweet! Nice little beach, beautiful waters. Naturally by noon other daysailers crowded in, so we split. It was only about 15miles to the bay of Vivari so we took our time. I even shut down the motor before raising sail. The wind was in our favor, a bit too much, Screenshot_2014-08-11-14-49-06right up the butt, but that was fine, we just needed to pull off a few jibes. The wind were approx 15knots and we maintain 4.5 most of the way… dragging the poor dingy (dumb). A great way to conclude the dog cruise. 20140808_175843Vivari was a bit crowded, it was clowdy, we were there by 6pm, by 8 I had my guests ashore at a tavern, joined by Mom and my aunt, good food and that evening I rejoined Zoot Allures in my much needed solitude (sorry sis, don’t take it personally). I think Panos was ready to head back to civilization. There’s so much more going on!

20140808_180456This concludes the second leg of my mega summer cruise. I’ve chalked up approx. 370 nautical miles. Pa mal. My transmission seeps water into the oil so I’m not doing anything locally unfortunately and in a few days I’m heading up north  to my local dwelling and mooring. It’s about 85 miles. I’ve got 10 days, planning on doing it in 4, but next weeks forecasts the dreaded Meltemi. So I’ll probably haul ass! But then again, who knows? Will I beat into a meltemi? Will the tranny hold?… cause if not, a great adventure will evolve and who knows……..Egypt????

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps….thanks again to ma sis for the company and patients. I’m not used to having people aboard much, never for so many days. How you survived me is a mystery. Plus thanks for all the pictures….all the credit is yours. And of course many thanks to Panos for being…..Panos!

pss… today my bro with wife and daughters show up in their r.i.b.. Gonna take us for a picnic around the Vivari area. BBQ 2night at the farm. Tomorrow Ol’ Zoot is off the mooring and back at anchor. Probably heading out Sat……?



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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7 Responses to Dog Cruise#2

  1. rika says:

    This really sounds like fun… I”m sure Panos & Christina enjoyed it too… Pictures are lovely!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Corageous laid-back crew, great boat, idillyc landscape and an adventurous captain…you’ve sure come a long way fast.


  3. Christina dePian says:

    Thanks once again or the entire week, bro! Your comments at the end are touching…. and…. we are ready any time for another week on Zoot… (joke? hmmmm, not really!) A real highlight!!!


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