Dog Cruise#1

Here I sit,broken hearted, paid to ……. well actually, sitting in an air-conditioned room with a laptop with a full internet connection, being well fed, lots of running water, sleeping in a bed….. WTF??? No complaints though. I’m off the boat after a bit over a month.

Screenshot_2014-08-11-14-47-35So…. I left Rhenea (south of Mykonos , for Finika, Siros to pic up ma sis and Panos. I had all day and did as much sailing as possible, at times at a rate of 1knot. . Since I’m a dummy, I sailed a bit norther than my rhumb line coarse (used to northerlies) with a southern breeze and ended up having to tack up (down) to Finika. I anchored in the same place as I did last time I was there, inflated the dinghy, launched it. fastened the outboard,  changed to tranny oil, and went for dinner ashore. As I was eating I could see a lightening storm of the horizon north from where I was. Hmmmm.  At around 1am the guest arrive, shuttled them aboard and the new phase of my journey began.

Screenshot_2014-08-11-14-48-05Next morning we headed out for Kythnos. There was a bit of a breeze which was good, but it died leaving a sloppy sea from the storm. It was only about 20 miles but it was enough to do-in the guest. Sis pasted out on the side deck with her leg hanging out 20140802_160727while Panos just did what dogs do.20140802_145055 The first bay we hit was Screenshot_2014-08-15-14-35-19Agios Stefanos. Not much to write about other than Sis buying me dinner at a tavern (thanks sis). But the next day we hopped over to the Agios Ioannis bay. And it was sweet! A quiet beach with only a few houses, almiriki trees, a moo-ing cow, a few day cruisers and amazingly quiet! Just what the doctor ordered for all of us!

20140803_110024 20140803_110031Now that we have a dog aboard, the daily routine is a bit challenging. Get him off the boat to do his business. Since Panos is a bit of a “special” dog, getting him from Zoot Allures onto the dinghy was a bit funky, raising him over the life lines and into the dinghy receivers arms. It’s not by chance I call him a “dumb” dog!


20140804_114444 DSC_0131So we spent the next two days there sucking it all in and relaxing, like we where supposed to. I would spend most of my time aboard, hitting the beach occasionally, and my sis learned how to row (yeah!) and would take long walks to explore and take snapshss. Good thing too, cause I didn’t take jack shit! And it went a little bit like this…

Nothing over here…

20140803_125522Nuthin’ over there…

20140803_125647WTF is that??

20140803_125709Agios Ioannis church

20140803_200000Being deaf, I think Panos was enlightened in the church yard and heard something divine (if anything)  for the first time…?

20140803_20025420140804_11211120140804_171847And that pretty much sums it up. After two days I was prepping for a long 60mile passage to Ydra. Time for a sponge/cockpit bath, changed the tranny oil, and make Zoot Allures shipshape. There’s gonna be a force5-6 out there and I was quite concerned lugging landlubbers. But…. that’s the way cruising goes. This has been a been beautiful and ma Sis will kill me if any of you readers come along and mess it up. She want to go back next year and we have this thing about not sharing such beautiful little secrets.


Oh yeah, and that is Serifos in the background… maybe next year, again.

Stay tuned, the rest is coming soon,

Capt Pete

ps…. I’ve been hearing complaints about not posting enough and being “vague”. Really??? Do you think I really want to be sitting in front of a computer on my vacation, huh??? I’m back at work come Sept.1st. so…….. And if you’re nice, I might even upload some video.

 pss… in the time being it’s real hot. At around 6pm I visit Zoot Allures on the mooring ball and lug a jerry can of 20liters of diesel and another 20 of water for the tanks.  On Sunday I have to leave the mooring and just anchor out, so I might have to move back aboard…. in order to sleep!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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10 Responses to Dog Cruise#1

  1. Christina dePian says:

    Nice, your view point, bros! Reading it is like re-living it…Best experience ever!! Looking forward to the rest on… to be continued! Thanks for a great week capt. Pete!

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  2. Can’t beat that!!! I take my salty straw hat off to you.

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  3. ilias says:

    what the phoque is tranny oil?is it oil that has mammalian protuberances and hides an unpleasant surprise between the legs?If so keep it greasy so it will go down easy.For your sake i really do hope its some kind of twisted lingo and it means transmission.Pics look nice,dog not so much

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  4. Way less people where you are! We loved the other side for that


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