Mega leg 2… done.

Hey everyone.
Sorry for the delay in Zoot Allures’ progress but it just has been next to impossible to post any thing due to the lack in Internet coverage. I could barely get my wind forecasts. But all is well and we are safely tucked away in the bay of Drepanon, a skip and hop from Nafplio (which would be the worst place to be at this time of the year)


10 days ago I sailed west from Rhenea to Finika in Siros to pick up my sis and her “dumb” (deaf) dog Panos. Since then we’ve been cruising our way here arriving last Friday. I’ve been pretty busy since this has been my first charter, per se. So when I say stay tuned at the end of each post, I mean it. The next series of posts will be about….
The sloppy sail to Kythnos and the beautiful bay of Agios Ioannis
The harrowing 60 mile passage to Ydra
The sail to and storms in Porto Heli
The quaint bay of Korakonisia
And the sail down here. Good thing sis took a bunch of pictures,  cause I didn’t shoot squat!

So here I am. I was anchored out for 3 days and today managed to borrow a mooring ball for a week and tonight will sleep on land at our farm (Mom and sis went to Athens for the weekend).
The winds hardly gust over 10knots, the water is a bit merky with low visibility, ew, and it’s pretty damn hot. But in the evenings I row to the small port, beach the dingy a meter from my table and gaze out to Zoot Allures and the full moon (naturally having a beer and a light dinner)


I’ve been known for repeating myself so…
Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Ps…. Zoots got no beer! Plus very low on diesel, water, provisions. But hey, there’s plenty of dog hair!
Pss… plus I still havent written about the water in my tranny and the multiple oil changes. But thats a story I’ll write about when I’m back home safe and sound, methinketh.


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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7 Responses to Mega leg 2… done.

  1. Brilliant cruise Pete. That’s the life.
    Wish I could say the same about me. On my second day sailing south I had the worst chain of stupid disasters in two days than in all my 24 years of sailing. I’m back home now bruised, beat up and poorer. But I’m still kicking. Will be posting about it soon.


    • Hoaracio, dude, what the hell happened?? Get that post up ASAP! I hope every thing is relatively alright.
      Yeh, my cruise is going well, except for the amount of diesel I’m burning. Plus the emulsified tranny oil and now leaving old Zoot and the dingy unattended has a knot in my stomach.


  2. sryoder says:

    Yikes! Water in the tranny and multiple oil changes. Sounds ominous. I’m on the edge of my seat.


    • Yeah, I’m on the edge of my seat too. My man Kostas says I’m good for now and to keep changing the oil. I’m praying it’ll get me home. If not it’ll be an adventure per se. Gonna be a messy winter on the hard again.


  3. How busy was Ydra? We think that was still our favourite spot so far. Storms in Porto Kheli? sounds familiar haha


    • I wouldn’t touch Ydra port with a stick even though I have fond childhood memories. We cruised the barren back side and anchored on the lower tip in a small cove. Magical
      Porto Heli rain storm…. what a blast! Such light blue water and murky at the same time! Also a one nighter but a nice collage of cruisers in the bay. The land part was indifferent. ?.. especially the food.


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