The Ikarian Sea and Mykonos… Not!

Yesterday the last day of July I got up early and at 8am sharp I raised my anchor and left Ikaria. Emotions were mixed as I left this intriguing place and much anticipation on the 60 miles to cover. Destination Rhenea, a small island south of Mykonos right next to Delos.
Ikaria is a long rock and I knew it would take me 4 hours to get past it so I motored all the way with 2000rpm at 6knots….plus there was no wind. As I entered the Pelagos.  The wind picked up a bit from the south and there was a bit of a swell from a previous northerly.  And then….



I’ve heard the Ikarian Pelagos is one of Greece’s most notorious. Well, not today!




Long story short, I motored the entire way! By 2pm I was approaching the southern coast of Mykonos. It was nice in the beginning, I managed to sail bit, but as I approached the bays I was greeted with the most appalling sight of super motor yachts all over me, tossing me in their wakes and…. it was apsolutely disgusting and I dont want to write about because that means I have to relive it. Mykonos SUCKS! I even lost my tracking in the mess


The winds were from the south so by 7pm I was anchored on the north side of Rhenea.



A small bit of ….paradise!!! Just one other boat and all I could hear were an occasional seagull squawking. Ahhhhhh
Now that’s the way you do the Ikarion!
Well…. time to raise anchor again. Today I’m picking up my sis and dog in Finika, Siros to continue a slow relaxed trip to Nafplio
Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Ps.. I got all day and I’ll try to sail the 20 miles….. but there aint no wind yet…hmmmm


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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to The Ikarian Sea and Mykonos… Not!

  1. Markianos says:

    Next time you go in Mykonos area go anchor at the passage between Delos and Rinia. Plan to be there on St Kyriaki day. On that particular day only, Delos is open to the public all the night (otherwise it is forbidden to step foot on it as all of it is an arhaeological site) because there is a small St Kyriaki church there and they have a panigyri all night. You see pagans, hippies, black dressed yayades carying tagaria, all sorts of people, plus Delos has the richest collection of cats and lizards. You walk through the ancient ruins, the passage of lions etc and you feel like an ancient Greek.


  2. Christina dePian says:

    sis and dog on their way! ahooooooy!


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