A Quicky

Just thought y’all might wanna know….

Last Friday night the winds picked up. We were on Kostas boat in the harbor. Around midnight we felt the breeze change to the north. Got back to Zoot Allures shortly after and went to bed. At around 2am, boom! Force 6+. Pretty wild stuff to wake up to. Howling wind and halyard slappin’ the mast…. the usual stuff. But the fun part was the mooring making a racket. The lines (ropes) and chain hadn’t been used all winter and they all got a good stretching which made it REAL NOISY in the v-berth. Gka, gka, gka,….. gka gka gka……..GKA! And it wasn’t that noise that bothered me so much….. it was the silence that followed. That’s what would make me jump up thinking we where loose and “traveling”.

DSC00932DSC00937After a sleepless night, Saturday morn Alexandra came by. I was too tired to go for a trail sail in an apparent force 7 so we pretty much spent the day relaxing, swimming, eating, sleeping…. the usual vegging. Alexandra brought “work” and also made some beautiful earrings for Paula, and I did a lot of tidying up. And that’s pretty much how “the whole weekend came and went, Frankie”


But relaxing= over. Today I head out to swap the sinking deflatable with the new multicolour dink patiently waiting in my living room for 2 years, crank out the office work till Friday, shut down the pad, move aboard and begin the summer voyage! E.D.D. Sunday

Stay Tuned

Capt Pete

ps… details to follow as they happen now that I can tether my tab with my phone


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to A Quicky

  1. sryoder says:

    Looking forward to your voyaging reports as we sit here in Oregon doing more domestic-type things. Fair winds.


  2. Good to see that the summer adventure is about to begin. You don’t need to go far for now, you only need to be there.
    The anchor/mooring chain gnarling its links at night is a real pain…I go sleep in the stern berth.
    Nice pic of the….umh…pearls.


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