“Narfin” it!

Narf narf narf narf! That’s the way I go when I can’t get myself enough “Zoot”-ing!

Hello people. I haven’t been posting much because there hasn’t been much to write about. The usual excuse. The f^%-ing day job. Since that 3 day weekend “ions” ago, it’s been none stop. Hypertension conventions, mining conventions, not to mention the regular editing, mastering blah blah blah. Time on Zoot Allures has been sparse and there is so much that needs to be done. Technical, mental  and physical. But last weekend was mine!

The fun stuff. Last weekend I was going to sail down to Koundouro beach in Kea to attend a wedding party in style. I had only managed to get the genoa on by blasting out on a weekday after work. On Friday night I was ready for the next morning journey when at 10pm it hit me. This “plan” was going to kill me in the state I was in plus it would have been a tad dangerous too. So I called it off. Woof! A relief! So Saturday was a nice relaxing day. My crew of 3 arrived and we “RELAXED” and it was great.

DSC00896 DSC00914 DSC00879 DSC00884DSC00877Lots of talking, philosophy-ing, eating, snooooozing, diving, swimming ,water pistol fights (a gift from the crew!), taking silly pictures, and we got my shade canvas thing figured out so now my cockpit occupants can survive (more on that in a latter post). Who needs a doctor when you listen to your body and soul.

DSC00894Sunday was just as great. We went sailing! At last! Very little wind and we just ghosted along quietly. It was partly cloudy so the sun wasn’t a problem and we didn’t have the heart to return for 5 hours… it was sooo peaceful!

The technical stuff.  I cant remember exactly when but … I checked my TMP gearbox oil after running the engine and found this.

DSC00929That’s the oil on the dip stick. Looks more like a milkshake than oil. The “D’oh!” I yelped must have been heard for miles. So I’m pretty much convinced that the water that cools the oil is IN the oil…. which pretty much transforms Zoot Allures to a swimming platform for yet another season.

But wait…. is it true or am I just paranoid?!?! After consulting Kostas the trouble shooting began. I drained the water from the gearbox and bypassed it.DSC00928 If the chamber is cracked, running the tranny without water for a while would force oil in the water chamber. Then un-bypassing it would force that oil out the exhaust. And it didn’t so 99%…I’m just a paranoid “sonafabitch” which suits me just fine! Plus I called England for info and they told me it was natural for the oil to be foamy right after running it. This weekend I’ll do more trials watching it like a hawk.

And now The Plan! I got 5 weeks vacation. Plus I’ve accumulated 7 days off from working Saturdays. I’ll also take 8 days leave of absence which pretty much means I can stop working on July 5th and go back to work Sept 1st. That 8 weeks.!! Alex is chartering with Kostas boat. The charter ends on the 10th in Naxos. Then Kostas will go get his boat and sail off to Ikaria. If I get my act together and my ass in Naxos by then, I’ll also sail to Ikaria with company via the “Ikario Pelagos“. Everyone is afraid of that passage and say I’m nuts. Good! But I’m going through a “now or never” epiphany. After spending a couple of weeks in Ikaria, I’ll sail down to Nafplio to spend August with family on the farm.

Zoot Allures WILL get miles under her keel!

Figures crossed

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… Tomorrow, Saturday, we’re having  force 6-7 winds. Zoot Allures is going for a badass trial run. If nothing breaks, we’re good to go. Sunday is saint Peter/Paul day. So it’s gonna be a fun day with Paula and the usual suspects. Come on down!

pss… there were many sillier pictures which have not been posted, sorry, gotta protect the innocent.




About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to “Narfin” it!

  1. “Not much to write about!!!” You’re out on the water, you shanghaied sexy wenches aboard, you got your dipstick foamy (transmission stick, that is, or isn’t), you went for a sail and you’re going on an 8-week vacation.
    The only thing I see wrong in the picture is your flag…it’s kinda getting ratty. Ah, a sailor’s life.


  2. Rika says:

    Hi there Peter… It’s Rika, Xronia Polla for yesterday!!! Heard you were taking a long vacation, so, ake care & enjoy your Zoot Allure…


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