Doing What’s Physically Possible…

Hey Ya!

Yup, I’m doing what I can physically endure.  My body is weary. I can only do so much. It’s been a none stop endurance race (boat/home/work)  and the only thing that stops me (unfortunately) is fatigue (=pain). But before we get into that, lets have some fun!


editing work

Ok, you had a good laugh with my hair loss, here’s what’s been going on. The previous Monday Zoot Allures was launched, mast stepped and tied up at port and I went home to pass out after work.

even my motorcycle is covered

even my motorcycle is covered

Tuesday the weather went foul. Northerlies with alot of MUD.  I head on down to find a mess. Got the solar panels on. Since my stern anchor isn’t all chain, the prudent thing was to sleep aboard just in case of dragging (20knts+ winds all night). DSC00861All went well. Work obligations kept me away Wednesday. Thursday I hauled 45liters of diesel aboard a dirt/dusty boat. Friday again I hauled another 25 (total 70), four 12packs of DSC00863beer, 3 liters raki (yum!) and, oh yes, 3 six-packs of 1.5lt water bottles.  Doing some math, that like 113 kilos of liquids. But hey, I’m good… DSC00862I don’t drink when emotionally distraught (but that’s not important right now). DSC00860Friday after work, cleanup time. Man, it took me over 2 hours of hosing and brushing. My back is a mess. But it was a 3 day weekend and time to “Zoot” myself and recover.

Saturday morning, a lot of pottering around. The main topics was getting the main sail up and around 7pm heading out of the port to my dwellings at Kalo Gialo. Pulled in my winterized mooring lines and now my decks are a messy smelly mess. Can someone pleeeez give me a break!

DSC00864Sunday, my good ol’ buddy Ion came by to hang. Good to catch up on”stuff”. Had lunch at G.S. (been a while), coffee on s/v Achelleas with Alex (Ion was snoring by then) and then we had a sea food feast at a harbor tavern. And then Monday I did a proper mooring inspection as somehow shown in the video. Tuesday morn work and in the afternoon back at it to paint my stern anchor chain (13meters, 8mm, 19kilo, ouch) which is a rusty mess, messing up my stern and … well later I hung out in pain with Alex and Kostas. Alex made a great risotto and salad and Kostas was answering his non-stop ringing phone telling people how to fix their boats.DSC00868

Yesterday, Wednesday, After work ,I picked up my new/use waterproof Sony Xperia Go phone with can tether wifi. It took all afternoon to get my contacts off the ol’ i-phone into it. Cheeeez! but now I can use the Samsung tab on the boat. Somebody stop me!

Today was setting up the halls for a huge convention on Hypertension (which I can totally relate with). DSC00854It’s got me working all weekend. I’ll blast down to Zoot Allues tomorrow to check things out and then…. Tuesday?? Arggg! But even being back home means I’m still painstakingly at it. The pad has been a mess and…. hey, I got my dinning room table back! Plus I serviced my Dahon folding bike just in time. My Yamaha TT600 had a carb block and I had a lot of bureaucratical buzzing around to do. City cycling… scary stuff (er, and much more slower/tiring!)

And now for something very important. A few months back I put a beer donation PayPal button on my “about me” page. A good fellow from Pennsylvania donated 25euros! I am flabbergasted with the generosity! I don’t know what to say due to my being so grateful. You are my first. One day we shall meet and I will make up up for the deed. We eventually got our pay from work and now I’m even feeling guilty!

It’s past midnight. Gotta get up early for “hypertension”

Whata joke!

Stay tuned

Capt. “achin’ back” Pete

ps… it’s not really aching, it just gets all stiff and numb and …. man, I’m pooped!! But why does it all feel so good? Must be an “afloat” thang!

pss…. the following weekend, the 21st, I’m invited to a wedding bash on Koundouros beach in Kea. It’s a good 20 miles away. Even though the weather/winds could be good, …. I haven’t even got the head sail up yet. When?…. how?…. oufffff!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Doing What’s Physically Possible…

  1. Love the video brother! Seems like a real nice place to be, tired and all.

    Glad you are back floating.

    Fair winds,



  2. horaciomateus says:

    You’re one hell of a diver…and while holding a camcorder to boot!
    Love the clear water. How warm is it anyway?


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