And The Dream Lives On!

Yup! We’re back!

What do you do when your down and out and ready to chuck it all?

Un-expectantly get e-mails, post comments, facebook mail and lots of old friend calling with so much support ….. it was close to ridiculous. Yes my friends, I’ve snapped out of it and I’m back and I’m so grateful to all of you. And in response to all the support I nearly killed myself but…

Ol’ Zoot Allures is back in the water!

DSC00851Bada Boom!

I cant remember many details of what been going on the last few weeks, only that it’s been f-ing rough physically and mentally. Also I haven’t been taking any pictures and notes but here’s the latest scoop.

After being slammed at work Saturday I ended up in Port Rafti by 6:30pm. Kostas and Paula’s little one, Melina, had her 7th year old birthday. It was crazy but at the same time a great time with a zillion little kids running around. I did manage to tape the water line before dark. Sunday at 7:30am I started painting baby’s butt with some fresh antifoul paint, done by 10. Only one coat this year since I’ll be out again in 5 months (and that shit is expensive). Later on the day I did final preps. DSC00847Got the water separator/filter on with Kostas, got the Perkins purring, took off the solar panels etc… ready. Monday morning at 7am the crane shows up and by 10am Ol Zoot was in the water with a stepped mast. After and hour, the crane’s back with Alex and s/v Achilleas. DSC00848I loosened my lines and he was plopped parallel to me. Stepping his dual spreader mast was a bit funky and the wind changed and it was bouncy and rather difficult, but it all worked out fine. By 1pm the crane was back again and Dimitris’ s/v Argo was plopped in the same manner. We stepped Argos’ mast, head out and by 3pm all three of us were nicely docked and tied up in the harbor. A great lunch of sardines, fava and salads and beer and off to work. Rough day, lots of cuts and bruises (and even blood)……. but soooo satisfying!

Conclusion…..  listen to your friends and love ones. They usually can come up with something smarter than you can when your soul is clouded. Let the sun shine through.

Gotta run

Next weekend is a 3-dayer and I’ll be back on my mooring.

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps…. another big thanks. It’s really great to be back and high as a kite!

pss…. yesterday, Tuesday, the weather went crazy. Windy, cold, scaring docked in the harbor…. and raining MUD. The boats are a mess. I slept over to make sure I didn’t drag, with my main sail furling banging in the mast (no sails on yet).  And I’m in a great mood! It’s all uphill now!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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16 Responses to And The Dream Lives On!

  1. Zarinda says:

    Brilliant ! To see you are back.


  2. Rika says:

    OUF… that sounds good!!! It was about time…


  3. sryoder says:

    “raining MUD”. Now there’s a vision! Yuck! Good to have you back, Pete.


  4. Vince says:

    Cheech. Was wondering where the hell you were. Good to see you back. She’s a lovely sight indeed. We are all booked and will be there in September so act accordingly. Ciao.


    • Cheech! I was wondering where the hell I was as well.
      Now when you say act accordingly, what do you really mean?? Should I start warming up your seat at Vrettos?
      BTW, I was thinking of you the other day chowing on a kilo sized kalamari!


  5. muzzer says:

    I’m glad you are once more looking “at the bright side of life” Good for you. It is not easy. Just remember we all love you.


  6. horaciomateus says:

    You, my friend, are a boat slave regardless of how you feel today, tomorrow or 10 years from now. Besides, Zoot is the prettiest gal in the bay. (Disclaimer: I don’t know squat, but I try to make it sound good anyway). Happy sailing and all that stuff.


    • Horacio, you’re so flattering. Imagine if I posted a picture of her butt?! And now that she’s covered in mud, it could (and does) remind me of a Andy Kaufman scene.
      Condemned for at least another 10 years? Hmmmm…


  7. Arrrghhhh that damn red rain!!!!


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