Loosing the dream…?

I dunno…

It’s late. Just got off a night shift about stem cells and I gotta get up early to set up the halls for another mega-doctor/pharmaceutical/boring conference, working Sunday aswell, haven’t been paid “this year”, yada yada …crap. Instead of watching a few boat-porn youtubes or catching up on following blogs, commenting, keeping the dream alive, I’m writing this shit. Movie quotes run through my mind. Eg from Al Pachino Dog Day’s Afternoon “I’m dying here”, or J. Depp from Rum Diary “…just when I was doing so good…” . It’s all getting to me. Here some blues…

I even mentioned selling Zoot Allures to Mom, but she convinced me  that was a dumb idea cause it’s the only thing which has been giving me joy the past couple of years. So what is it? I dunno. The purpose is “freedom”.1 I could easily become “the fool on the hill” any day, but I’m starting to realize it’ll be a bit boring up there alone. Don’t get me wrong. I fully acknowledge I have a good amount of friends and family who care alot for me (even though they don’t read my blog).  It was my 54th b-day last Tuesday. I split work early and head downtown to my buddy “Percules” and waited for him to finish up his business and to a have a drink before going to Mom a Sis for an incognito celebration. Mom outdid herself again and invited some great old friends and we had a great mini-party. Good times! But 2day it all just caught up with me again… like stuck in a rut… not knowing what I’m trying to prove… and to who. What I really need right now is a fucking “joint” “spliph”, a nice “fatty”, and go to bed!

But… since I’m “high and dry” (and not the way I’d like to be), here a few highlights from last weekend. No real “high” lights… all I did was clean and de-winterize Zoot Allures. A big bag of laundry (fleece blankets, sheet etc), the v-berth and head  thoroughly, and under and over the floors in the main cabin plus the dinette storage spaces. Here’s a pic from my Robertson autopilot  which lives under the settee

DSC00828DSC00826I’ll betcha it’s bigger than yours! It leaks a bit, but a half a liter of ATF in 2 years is acceptable before an overhaul which is un-conceivable at the present state of mind.  Plus I did a little Micky mouse repair job to the injured bulwark caprail whachamacllit (my lingo is still hibernating). My back kept me from doing more. The Dutch couple had their annual pizza party at Kostas house. That’s alotta “D’oh!”

DSC00834DSC00838DSC00844DSC00839Good pizza. Couldn’t keep baby George off of it! Naturally I supplied nice cold beers which went unnoticed cause every one was drinking wine and sangria, but this is how Zoot Allures is getting down now that it’s nice and sunny and the PV panels are once again cranking 6 amps

DSC00829Yup, my cooling unit fits a dozen “bad boys”! Life is good over there, is sucks over here

Stay tuned AWAY. (I’ve become a whining baby)

Capt Pete

ps… supposingly launching in a couple of weeks but working weekends plus having to vote (again) for mayors and Euro-elections is really getting in the way. Plus a void feeling has taken the fun out of it.

pss… here’s the Depp-Rum Diary quote that’s been plaguing me. It says it all. And she’s not from Connecticut!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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23 Responses to Loosing the dream…?

  1. Shiwishake says:

    I dont care what u say … I still love u like a MOFO .


  2. ilias says:

    Since i haven’t been of much use and haven’t been reading all of your posts and since you re doing movies and movie lines, i ll play along and give you a movie and some lyrics “It doesn’t help us if you are inconsistent”
    We all have dreams or a dream but how many do you actually know that will follow their dream and make it come true?You have been busting your non existing anus(a-n-v-s,anus)to make it happen and now you re considering giving it up?Well,slap me silly and call me Daisy(or Roberta i don’t give a phoque)Everyone that knows you is proud of you following your dream and we all say to our selves even if we don’t admit ,”damn,Pedro did it,good for him,i can do it too,i ll just have to try harder”,so no second thoughts dumb ass,you owe it to your self and you owe it to all of us,so quit stalling doc and get back to work,focus

    Read more: Andrew Lloyd Webber – Strange Thing Mystifying Lyrics | MetroLyrics


    • Oh Ilias, you always know the right things to say… always! I don’t know what I would have done with my life if it wasn’t for you. I hope you don’t believe I am a “Not one, not one of you”.
      I’ll call you later to discuss things… about a Robertian a.n.v.s!


  3. sryoder says:

    You’re sounding pretty damn bummed out, Pete. So sorry. But don’t sell Zoot. You’ll kick yourself so hard later if you do. Certainly don’t sell her because you’re bummed out about your ex-squeeze. Only reason I can see to sell her is if you couldn’t afford to keep her or, you’d done a bunch of cruising and decided, “meh, maybe not for me”. Have you considered living on Zoot full-time? Is that even a possibility logistically? It would certainly keep you in touch with her and should cut your expenses as well. Then, a year from now when you suddenly realize, “Hey! I could be doing this in Mexico!”, it’s a simple matter of slipping your lines and shoving off. Just a thought. I hope things brighten up for you soon. Listen to your mother. And to Ilias.



    • Hey Steve, as you can see I am in good hands. Ain’t Ilias (an ex-flight engineer) the “balls”? All the logistics are in my mind but currently on hold due to “other” logistics out of my control. But who knows. I can already smell Mexico. And since Siempre Sabado is drying out, I have a whole year to cross the pond. But first I got a few goldfish bowls to conquer. And then some more! Thanks again for the swift kickindabutt. It means alot to me. And the cold ones will be on me… period!


  4. Luis C. says:

    Hello Captain Pete,
    Happy Belated B-Day.
    I can see that you really “got the Blues” but things could be worse, yeah like being boat less in Toronto like yours truly.
    There is a portuguese blues band called “Nobody’s Bizness” that’s how they spell it. Check them on youtube, they rock.
    Best wishes – Luis the Portuguese guy in Toronto


  5. Rika says:

    Don’t sell Zoot Allures…. what ould we do without you???


  6. muzzer says:

    “Always look at the bright side of life…….” Things do get better….. And after all you are 54 only once. So enjoy…


  7. Hey Pete, belated happy 54.
    Damn it, I’m already 56! And still a boat slave…forever I believe.
    You’re not married to Zoot so you don’t have to do her full-time, but you can’t leave her either. The thrill ain’t gone, you just need to go for a walk once in a while to remind you that if you’re not walking toward the boat you’re walking toward nowhere…unless there’s a squeeze down that way.
    Anyway, ironically this is probably the best damn post you’ve written, so good you got the audience clamouring for more. Amen.


    • Horacio! I’m always am impatient for your comments to keep me going. Yeah, it seems like I’d been walking down a path to oblivion, but you and others have set me straight (methinkith)
      Tomorrow I walk towards the boat. Lots to do, not all I wanted to do upgrade-wize this year, but I now have a fresh zest to conquer the Aegean this summer. And then…. “somebody stop me!”
      Amen, good night, and good luck to us all!


  8. I’d like to take a moment here to thank all my visitors and comment-ers for taking time to make this a special day for me. It all has meant alot to me and has given me new courage in this journey which felt that was going nowhere. Who new such a dismal and whining post would generate such emotions and …. I’m at loss for words
    Cheers to all!
    Stay tuned
    Capt Pete


  9. Ellen says:

    Just to echo what everyone else has said – don’t sell Zoot! We need you and your zany humour in the blogosphere. By the way, love the BB King clip.


    • Thanks Ellen and….. hey wait a minute! You just sold your boat! But I catch your drift. Glad you like the old BB vid (does anyone ever watch/listen to my embeds?)
      I cant wait to hear of y’all new endeavors in the US (pot of gold or not). Cynical Sailor is fab, just mind the dinghy! And soon I’ll have something for the Monkey’s Fist
      Hey! This should go on your post!


      • Ellen says:

        I know – ironic isn’t it. But we only sold our boat so that we can buy a bigger boat which can make it across an ocean. And then maybe one day we can sail our new boat across the Atlantic and see Zoot Allures in all of her glory. So basically, you can’t sell Zoot until we see her first. 🙂


      • Done deal… unless I cross over first!!


  10. Christina dePian says:

    Listen, bros! Selling is not on the agenda! Boosting ourselves and our moods with a little help from our friends is! Tough times come and go as long as we do not brood and dwell too much, and life is no piece of cake. But the blue sky and sea and the sway of ol’ Zoot will compensate. Keep communicating and you’ll always get feedback…. we like you being captain Pete, so keep the ears stiff (Austrian saying) and things will get better sooner than later! Love from the isle of Aegina.


  11. juanito says:

    A big dream comes true only with passion and i speak about the passion of LOVE.
    Only with this passion i decided to take my 7 meters sailing boat and go around the cyclades islands into the aegean sea during the august with meltemi. I and She.
    What i want to say its that maybe you have to find someone to share your dream and she will give to you the passion to make it came true. Its really nice to go alone around the world with Zoot but its definitely better to share it with someone, with passion. Imagine yourself somewhere at the Pacific, either at a nice sunset or a sudden storm, you will need somebody to share the moments with.
    This is life, sharing. And finally f*** the Megaron, there’s nothing to dream about.
    See you in the venue….


    • See me at the venue? Are you a secret colleague? Welcome aboard mr. mystery person.
      If you need to know, what you’ve mentioned, the “L” word, is what got me in this mess of a state of mind. Nasty stuff, but I couldn’t agree with you more. She…….. now Elvis Costello is buzzing in my brain.


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