Work+Play Therapy

Hey laaaadies….


Efi trying to get me to smile

Last Thursday was May 1st. A day that most normal people go to the country and pick wild flowers and pretty much just don’t work.  Down on ol’ Zoot Allures I was planning/contemplating on just “Zoot”-ing myself to oblivion. But Kostas’ cousin called me saying there would be hell to pay if I didn’t get my ass over to his BBQ. Who am I to argue? All the usual suspects were there including the Dutch couple with the Cutty Hunk ketch who are back in town for a couple of weeks.  After the pig out I had a “cup a joe” with Efi and Alex at their place with their beautiful view. A good day. I went to bed that night at 9:30pm!

DSC00818DSC00817Friday… a work day but I took it off… kinda weird when you take a week day off… everyone is workin’. I went and got my two 3kilo fire hydrants re-“whateveryoucalit” and also purchase a 1kilo unit Did you know you have to redo them every year? I didn’t …and I hope it is all money thrown away. Back on the boat… I made a template which wedges pretty stable so I can mark my fuel gauge DSC00819whilst refueling from my 20liter jugs since I re-calibrated my fuel sender/float. Pretty much set it up so that the reserve is 20liters and with 50liters in the tank it shows half full. And I’m good with that. The tank holds 200 but I’ll never be able to afford so much diesel and refuse to actually use so much in a pop. That Friday evening I blasted back to Athens for a dinner meet-up with G.S., Vicky and my cousin John who lives in London but has a cool old house he’s fixing up right across from Porto Rafti on Evia Island. Zoot Allures has an invitation the last week of July!

DSC00823Back down for the weekend, back to servicing mode. I used a bunch of WD and old diesel and really cleaned up the shaft coupling. I attempted the re-aligning procedure but the prop bottoms out and the yadayadayada… it’s DSC00822gonna be a two man job. But the fun stuff happened when I used the new oil extractor. You gotta get one…. so cool! Naturally it was useless for the reduction side of the TMP gearbox so I devised a shopping bag stuffed with some paper towels and bungy-suspended it under the drain plug. Ingenious! Not a spot of oil (0.5liter) spilled! Not the case with changing the secondary CAV fuel filter on the Perkins… I hate those things!  So lots of new fresh oil and filters for the Perkins and TMP. Badaboom.

On Sunday I mixed some epoxy to reset the windlass deck switches which leaked. Epoxy-ed the little holes and used sealant and blue-tak. I’ll dump a bucket on them next weekend to test the results. Also the remaining epoxy was used to clamp and glue some of the old damaged wood bulwarks. But the best part of Sunday… I went sailing!! Kostas got himself a sailing dinghy and Ulber(?) the dutch dude has one. Also Kostas’ cousin. I went with Ulber, Alex with Kostas and the cousin was trying to figure it all out but did just fine!

DCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPROAlex! Why are you out of focus??? Where you in a Woody Allen film or what??

(Actually that little gopro cam has a scratched lens. You get what you pay for)

Splashin’ soon…

Stay Tuned

Capt Pete

ps…. I pulled a muscle in my lower back last week unscrewing the shaft coupler. Since it got no rest all week plus hauling dinghy trailers,  I was hobbling along like a hobbit. After 10 days I think it’s better, thank you very much. Also Kostas cousin Giannis dropped his dinghy mast on my head to add to the other “lumps” I’ve been getting all over.. physically and mentally!

pss… I just read this post…. must be the most mundane post ever! ‘Loosing my interest in my creativity(?)… I wonder why…?

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Work+Play Therapy

  1. Tate says:

    I suggest trading in your straw hat for a hard hat because with friends like that, who needs enemies?


    • You’d think, eh. Funny thing is that he’s the same guy that clumsily helped me move the trailer with a freshly painted engine and tranny, with the result of them falling over… twice! Great dude, though.
      Hey, really sorry about your windvane. I just haven’t been in the commenting mode. But I did shave the beard again!


  2. What do you mean “the most mundane post ever”? I completely disagree. I liked it, so it must be good.
    About a year ago I was dying to get a used sailing dinghy…you know, pouring over ads for used boats and drooling. Then I woke up and realized I own a 39-foot sailboat and don’t have enough time to do much of anything else. Boating is not a sport, it’s a damn disease.


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