Shop Therapy plus Venting=Remedy?

(caution… lotsa utubes)


1.Something, such as medicine or therapy, that relieves pain, cures disease, or corrects a disorder.

2. Something that corrects an evil, fault, or error.

Music helps but it’s not always enough (anyone notice the bass with the scroll head?). Well the pass two months have been… ambiguous. Work sucks, not being paid is suckier, and lots of other crap has made it all crappy with the exception of obtaining a “squeez” and Easter holiday. Let be back up some.

The weekend before Easter I had a total nervous breakdown mostly due to physical and emotional fatigue. I even cried… go figure… so I didn’t do anything productive down on Zoot Allures except for drinking. Naturally that didn’t go over well with certain “persons”.

The following days I cleaned that”mess” up and was on a mini Easter vacation. The first day I went down to ol’ Zoot. ‘Cant remember doing anything great but at some point I asked Kostas for the Perkins raw water pump so I could try the new cap screws I shortens with the use of my new vise. Long story short, the Perkins is officially back to life! No leaks and the new thermostat allowed it to warm up to 80C.  I was so happy I was giddy! It’s like a dark cloud cleared which had been hovering over my subconscious since October!!!

Music Maestro!

The next day I head down 200km for Nafplio for Easter with the family. I was still so happy I missed Nafplio and hit the next town. But when you’re so happy, little things like that don’t matter. Lots of silly things happened over the holiday but I remained high as a kit! Plus I got my hand on an old GoPro and gave it a shot. Sorry ’bout the audio… I was on vacation!

DSC00803Last weekend, still a silly, giddy, happy person, I spent the weekend with/on Zoot Allures. Project one. Loosen and separate the shaft coupler to properly align the engine. Not easy but I got the 7 bolts done myself. It was the 8th one that has me sitting with ice packs on my lower back. It even took Kostas 10min to get it free. So this weekend I’m “alignin'”. DSC00810Another job was to pump out the diesel and clean the tank, my annual yucky ritual, using acetone and rags. Naturally I had misplaced my diesel gloves so sponging the last couple of liters was “smelly”. Plus sticking a camera with flash in a acetone smelling tank was not a good idea… but this is what it looks like.



DSC00804DSC00805Still smelly, a good time to remove the old filter/ water separator. And yes, that is flange glue sealing the bowl. That old piece of crap leaked and was a messy thorn in my side. I got a busy weekend lined up! But hey!, Tomorrow is May 1st, general strike day . Took Friday off, another mini vacation. WooHoo! But…..

Weren’t you wondering about the title of this post? Shopping therapy and venting? DSC00813Well this morning the “squeez” declared a “non-squeez” status. Rather distraught, I took off and did some shopping Got an oil-extractor (the pump on the Perkins only pumped 2 liters)=50euro, Jabsco barbed hose fitting=21euro, a repair kit for my Whale manual bilge pump=40euros. 50+21+40=111euros for suction pumps. It’s gonna be one hell of a blow job!

Now I’m venting!

Chainsaw…Whoa… looks like someone’s got issues. Beware mon pauvres Zoot Allures

Gotta splash soon!

Stay “pruned”

Capt Pete

ps… 😦  😦

pss… 😥


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Shop Therapy plus Venting=Remedy?

  1. sryoder says:

    Well, crap! That all sucks. You have every right to vent, rant and rave. Hope things turn around soon.


    • Rave… now why didn’t I think about that?! But then, I do that on an everyday basis in my own personal way, methinkith. Thanks for the concern. It’ll be all peachy soon, mehopeth. “Observe…proceed” kinda thing. What else?


  2. Looks like you’ve been having a bumpy ride. Sometimes, it’s like we’re in a boxing ring on a bad day taking a thrashing by our opponent. Shit, not getting paid at work just makes all the other punches hurt 10 times more. Once the match is over, you check your jaw – not broken – check your nose – not flattened….by next month, it’s just another memory.


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