Failed Carpentry… almost

…… Not a total failure, just not a successful of a job that I was expecting. Actually, the failure is going to be this post due to the fact that its the first time I’m doing it with this dinky little samsung tablet, into kingsoft word app, into the wordpress app yada yada with the pictures already uploaded from home, while I sit in front of the cadac desk at a Industrial Technologies 2014 conference.
Yup, work is still going strong, so is not getting paid, but I did have a weekend. Saturday with ol’ Zoot, Sunday avec la squeez.
Carpentry…. at last I knocked off 2 projects. The v-berth insert and the under-cockpit storage space. The insert board has been ready for a year. I picked up a rod of wood 2x4x270cm, the screws and got with it. The plan was not to open new holes and use the same screw holes already holding the berth. It worked out pretty good except that the right side middle screw defeated me. So I defeated it by leaving it in … dumbass screw. And speaking of dumbasses, you’d think with my mechanical engineering experience working with in a equipment development group on route 128 around Boston in the ’80s that I could easily measure some twigs and holes and aline everything perfectly. Nope, not even with the help of a digital caliper. Oh well, I’m a lousy carpenter, but the job is done, is functional and all it needs is some oiling and a new trapezoidal pillow.



Under the cockpit…. dumbass #2. Those floorboards which I had carefully marked “top port and starboard” are wrongly marked! I switched them around and they now fit beautifully. They needed some bits sawed off to make the placing easier. I even did some planing which was my first time. Long story short… planing wood is difficult.

I would have finish in “dt” time with an angle grinder, but where would he romance be in that? But hey, storage galore!!


That’s what I’m talking about!

Conclusion….. I now have a great respect to carpenters and want to be one when I grow up.

With an hour left before heading back home for some quality time with the squeez, I tried out a steam cleaner I borrowed from Alex. My wall and ceiling lining just can’t get clean. So be it. It never will.

Hey, it’s almost May and I wanna launch. Time to start wrapping up the winter dryout thing
Stay tuned
Capt. Pete

Ps… Sunday with the squeez was a nice relaxing “much needed” day. We stroled downtown, had lunch and hung out at a friends new shop. Check it out!

Pssss …. oh yes, I almost forgot. I had my TT600 yamaha motorcycle serviced and was bitching to him why vises are sooo damn expensive. He’s a boater aswell and donated to Zoot Allures this
It’s a baby vise with a suction pad and a ball and joint swivel thang. Pretty nifty, eh. Now I can eg. Saw a screw without blasphemy!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Failed Carpentry… almost

  1. I really like that vise. I might have to try and find one for Smitty.

    I can’t comment much on the carpentry stuff. I am an awful carpenter. I just hope my stuff is functional when I am done.

    Fair winds,



    • Cute little thing, ain’t it. Unfortunately the only place the suction base works on is the galley counters (formica). ‘Thinking maybe sticking a piece of slick plastic on the doghouse berth board. Ideally would have a strong mid size vice you could screw onto the gangplank with wingnuts and lay that across the cockpit for some serious work. Just an idea.
      I love carpentry and the smell of it but… it hates me!


  2. Why do sailboats always need so much work?
    Why do we work so much on sailboats?
    I bolt my vise to the plywood base of the pilot house settee. I drilled holes and can tighten the nuts by reaching underneath through the opening for the storage compartment (a picture would explain it all).
    Anyway, your vice looks like a work of art compared to my no-name hunk of metal.


  3. Mark Roope says:

    Love the way you write your blogs. Always fun to read. I am just glad I don’t have a wooden boat. With my carpentry skills I would just have to take a little more off and then a little more. There would be nothing left to sail… keep on blogging and I have loads of those idiot screws if you want some more. Most have been attack with a drill though. They never learn!


    • Hey Mark. I just discovered your blog (via art of hookie) and am enjoying it thoroughly!
      I wanted a wooden boat aswell… thank god for my guardian angles! Yes, I usually attack them “idiots” with a drill… I just thought I’d let this one go since I’ve been working on my karma.


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