Monkey Business vs. Basket Case

Both concepts I can relate with…easily!

I wasn’t planning on posting this week but I did find a small window of opportunity to “get down” with ol’ Zoot Allures.

Monkey Business…. First set the mood

IMG_1576“Let it Bleed is what I need” to get Edith Piaf out of my head… not easy after 3 nights in a row over the weekend. Instead of dreaming of boats, I dreamed that the stage manager didn’t like her headset and wanted a wireless yada yada… f%@# me! But that’s not important right now. Here in the land where the monetary system is something of the past (yup, Greece is always a step ahead of the game…f@$# me again!), we make do. A monkey part is known to the rest of y’all as a knock off.  No disrespect. curious georgeCurious George was a good friend back in the day of wetting my bed (which isn’t important right now either, but I did showed the “squeeze” my original copy) and them little critters are cute, but what I’m (pathetically) trying to get to (drum roll, please) is the replacement of Zoot Allures’s primary diesel fuel filter/water separator system. I’ve got the old, cheap CAV spin-on thang which makes a complete mess with the cartridge replacement. Kostas turned me on to the top loading type. Unscrew the top, pop out the old cartridge paper element, pop in the new, boom, done, no mess and no air bleeding. Racor is the flavor of the month but those bad boys go for over 250 euros plus another 20 for the element.

Hail the Monkey


I have no idea what brand it is, the element is from Turkey, probably a 2 micron for 10 euro a pop and the device itself was for 100 euro. Now that’s what I’m talking about! I’ll install it after I finish the Perkins saga (the raw water pump is pissing me off, now the shaft coupling wont reach in far enough to make contact to rotate…narf!)

DSC00771Basket case…. My buddy Alex gave me a metal basket with dimensions of approx. 55x25x95 cm. It fits perfectly on the “under cockpit” storage boards. I might eventually put little wheels on it or put in on rails, but “as is” it’s perfect. Ideal for storing say life jackets, ropes, fenders, flippers, spare oils and fluids, the sky is the limit, or should I say, my storage is “limitless”!!!

DSC00772I’m going absolutely Bananas with joy!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… I’m also going bananas from too much work without a day off this weekend and still un-payed …. this year!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Monkey Business vs. Basket Case

  1. Zarinda says:

    Definitely a basket case!!


  2. Pete,
    Years ago, the seal on the primer pump of my Racor filter tore (my fault, long story). I purchased a new Racor filter plus the element on Ebay, the whole thing cheaper than 1 spin-on element. Yeah, the spin on method makes a mess, but my fuel tanks are so clean I hardly ever change it.
    If you’re going bananas, watch out for predator monkeys!!


    • Joshua Slocum would lace his decks with tacks to protect himself from the islanders… should work today for the tax monkeys!
      I clean my tank every year and whatever goes in passes thru a Mr. Funnel filter, but I still change ’em. The nice thing (I assume) with these top loaders is that you can actually pop ’em open and take a peek to see how the elements are doing.
      This weekend installation I’ll probably realize the fittings don’t match… it’s just a slave thing… but you already knew that!


  3. sryoder says:

    My 2 pesos worth: Get rid of that 2 micron element and replace it with a 30 micron. 2 micron filters were the cause of most of my problems motoring down the Washington and Oregon coast when we first got our Westsail 28. We also had the spin-on type at the time. What a mess and the cartridges cost 3X what the drop-in paper elements cost, at least on the US west coast. Replaced the spin-on with the Racor version of what you have. Of course, being paranoid, I installed twin filters with a selector valve between for hot-swapping filters. I had a job back then and could afford that sort of thing. Taking a tip from a fellow Westsailor and blog reader, I used my old spin-on unit and the extra canisters I still had, along with a $25 electric fuel pump and built a rig that I use to filter every drop of fuel that enters my tank from my jerry cans. I don’t fill the boat directly at the fuel dock anymore. Just fill the jerries, and then filter that into the tank. Haven’t changed a primary filter in over a year and I only did it then because it seemed like I should, not because it needed it. Anyway, there ya go. Just what you need, another opinion.


    • Any opinion from my fav geography teacher/mentor (don’t blush) is always welcome, And I drool over your setup. I’m not sure what microns my spin-on are… it’s the mess I am sick of. I also just fill up from jerry cans and filter them thru a mr. funnel of unknown microns. I also empty my fuel tank every year and manually clean it out. In the mind-boggling 2 years I’ve never had a problem. Ad to that that I’ve haven’t used the motor over 60 hours each year since it f’s up before the filters clog!!
      Hey, have you got an other 2 peso’s. I’d gladly pay you 2 euros for 2 peso on…. I have a job but haven’t been payed yet this year, hence the monkey business… going bananas!


      • sryoder says:

        I zoomed in on your photo to get the part number of your filter element. Sampiyon’s website didn’t give any info about pore size but here’s my guess as to what you may have. The CE1363 filter comes as either an “M”, an “M1”, or an “M2”. Racor elements for that housing come as either “2010-SM”, “2010-TM”, or “2010-PM”. The pore size respectively is 2 mircon, 10 micron, and 30 micron. So, my sub-scientific wild-ass guess is that your filter, being in the middle of the series and Racor being the guys to imitate, is a 10 micron filter. But, if your engine won’t run long enough for the filter to get plugged, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

        When you say you haven’t been paid yet this year, do they give you nothing at all? What do you live on? I’d have a hard time going to work every morning if I couldn’t count on a paycheck at the end of the month. Hard enough to go to work when one does get paid. Do they give you some sort of subsistence to just keep you coming in or what?


      • You zoomed into the photo? Now I’m flattered! Yeah, I did the same research and came up with the same conclusion. Thanks.
        Putting it bluntly, Greece has become a pretty shitty place to live lately. Got December’s pay in February and got a half grand after threatening a strike. We’re barely hanging in there, hopefully we’ll get it all soon. A waiting game of strong nerves. To long a story to write here. If you really want the scoop, I’ll email it to you


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