First of all…. rock on! (this one’s for you, baaaaby)
On Saturday I joined my buddy Alex for a ride to the train station to pick up a friend. He had the Stones’ Let it Bleed album on. Man, I had forgotten what a great album it is!

So R&R could represent “rock and roll” for this past weekend…. but it was more of a “rest and relaxation” thang going on. Tuesday was a national holiday , I took Monday off, boom! a 4 day weekend… just in time!

DSC00739 ZootAllurefication is what I need! So Saturday morn I headed out. No real plans, the weather beautiful, I’ll take it by ear. Kostas was a bit busy so I did some pottering around the hull (scraped some loose old anti-foul and the zincs) and pull out the speedometer wheel thingy and cleaned it up. By then Kostas came by with the raw water pump. We installed it, popped in the old impeller (saving the new one for the launch time) and rigged the garden hose to a bucket to another hose to the pump. The old Perkins fired right up. Cool. And no thump sounds. Cool-eo! But the pump wasn’t really sucking as much as it should (enough though not to set the exhaust on fire). Long story short, 2 overfilled buckets emptied in the galley sink in a panic, lots of nice fresh water all over the place and a lot of laughs. I don’t mind fresh water at all on such a beautiful t-shirt day. After the mopping up and hanging the rugs to dry, it was break time. Spinach pie,  olive snacks and raki. Perfect. Then it was time for some “joe” and the for-mentioned ride to the train station. Later we hung out on Kostas boat in the harbor and by then all the the “real job” caught up with me and I was falling asleep all over mother nature. Back on Zoot Aluures, I slept like a baby.

Got up late-ish on Sunday. Another beautiful day. Time to start on the on going thing… finish up the under-cockpit storage area. It’s got these to big plywood boards which are the biggest pain to move in and out to inspect the deep bilge and the Volvo Penta stuffing box/gland and shaft. So I spent a good hour down under there removing/relocating/re-installing the raw water siphon plumbing. This is stuff for another post. After un-pretzel-izing my body, it was lunch time at the G.S. place.

DSC00746DSC00744On the way over I dropped off the old deck anchor at the “shack” and loaded up the jerry jugs for my annual diesel tank cleaning. No mice this time but then again, there’s nothing there for them to eat anymore. DSC00745I “looked” at my wind vane and lugging it seemed too much at the time. Hmmmm

DSC00740G.S.’s garden has grown out of control again and he’s doing a great job being  “a guy who retired early”. Also he’s replacing his two mini fridges with another two. DSC00743Why I carried a fridge 9 times when there only are four is a mystery to me, even though the twins where there to help. With a spent back, it was finally time to sit and eat.

DSC00747Salad, brocolli, zuccini, carrots, feta cheeze, olives, hommus, taramas, mince meat pie, awesome bread, whoops… no wine…ouzo to the rescue!

After that, rap up ol’ Zoot and a quick visit to Alex for some more “joe” (he makes a mean cup). His lady Efi was there along with The Kid, we made up for lost time and I eventually dragged my tired ass back home. Zootallurification weekend the way I like it!

Two more days off… what to do. Good opportunity to take the sails to Lavrion for a service. So I head out accompanied by “the squeeze”, dropped off the sails and we had a breakfast of champions at the fish market. Shrimp, mussels, gavros fish and raki. Sweeet!

DSC00748DSC00752Tuesday, I met up with my buddy Kenan and his gang for a picnic on the outskirts of Kasariani Monastery. Another beautiful spring day. Good food, watching Athenians fly kites, teaching them all how DSC00751to make bird sounds with a blade of grass, and I had a blast messing with one of their dogs. DSC00757Smart dog… play dead when you pretend to shoot her. Naturally I overdid it… who wouldn’t!


DSC00764DSC00765At sunset I headed out to my good friend  Hari who I hardly ever get a chance to see anymore. She is so cool it ridiculous. And so is her house. She used to be a special effects Quantel operator but is now out of a job. But she just put some of her personal artwork on the web to “maybe” make ends meet. DSC00768 Anyway, she and her man made me an awesome spaghetti dinner. She also gave me one of her old art piece I love and am going to make a sail for Zoot Allures. I’ll raise it to enter a harbor…. look out!



By the the time I got home, I was hurting. Weighed myself this morning… yup, plus two kilos and up a notch on the belt!

Stay tuned

“Fat” Capt Pete

ps… work is piling up my butt again. I’ll be working an Edith Piaf gig  with Jil Aigrot (pa mal) all weekend so there won’t be much Zoot Allures-ing for a while….Again!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to R&R

  1. A whole lot of action going on over there.
    Your windvane seems to be a pre-servo pendulum model, that’s why it’s got such a huge vane and rudder.
    Windvanes are sort of useless for coastal sailing anyway…by the time you get it tuned, you’ve arrived at your destination. ON THE OTHER HAND, just realized that yours – not being a servo-pendulum model – can be used as a BACKUP RUDDER, which is like having a guardian angel aboard. I mean, you could probably attach a tiller to it and forget about the vane…just guessing.


    • Huge=heavy! That’s why it’s off. Plus it needs some work and I don’t even know if I have all the parts. But yeah, it’s got the spare rudder scenario which I like alot. I was thinking to re-install it for that purpose and try it with a tiller before yanking out the wheel. I’m just too… tired! to think about it yet.


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