Have you been wondering what ol’ Capt Pete and ol’ Zoot Allures has been up to???

Well, since the blog has the word “sailing ” in it…. Nothing!

Actually, just 2 thingies that weren’t worth writing up on. 2 weeks ago (I think) it was really overcast, cold and windy, perfect,  and I blasted out and sanded the other half of the hull. Also last Saturday, Kostas and I got the coolant tank and impeller pump back on and fired up the Perkins. It ran fine but has a slow rhythmic thump going on. Hopefully it had to do with the fact that we had the water hose stuck in “after” the raw water pump. This weekend we shall conclude.

So if you really wanna know the reason of negligence. I’ve been “getting it” and not the way I like it (Actually I have been “getting some”, liking it and am back in the “male species instinct chase” game again after a long while, but that’s none of y’all business…yet)

Work, work, work and then some more.  Still 2 months behind in pay (we got the rest of December) and it’s been going crazy. Jeez, it’s like ” hey, since you work for free, lemmie f^$# you some more!” I’m loosing track of the gigs. Here a few

6 European Summit on Regions and Cities

Future Internet Assembly

DSC00733 DSC00737and an artsy fartsy gig I engineered against my will called The Razor’s Edge which entailed 5 long dark sweaty days cooped up on a mixing board with 2 huge projectors left and right of it,  making such a racket, not only I couldn’t hear what I was doing, I should have been wearing ear plugs! But a babe swinging on a ring wasn’t too bad!

IMG_1570Of course I had some free time. I gave moral and tech support to my Sis who had an online streaming animation workshop. That was kinda fun. At least it wasn’t “work”! And I also almost forgot. Our building is being painted/renovated and my balcony is trashed!

DSC00726 DSC00725Trashed is also my back and knees. Tuesday is a national holiday. I got Monday off=> 4 day weekend. Time to recoup, rest, Zoot Allures myself and get some cuddling. But right now I gotta go to work and do a Johnny Cash Tribute Band gig. It better be fun. Arrrg!

Stay Tuned

Capt Pete

ps… ????? howz that for links, eh?

ps 2 U 2

Well, alright. Here is what a big-wig chaotic day at work looks like. Man, I need outa here!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to M.I.A.

  1. sryoder says:

    Hey Pete,
    If you connected the cooling water downstream of the raw water pump so that no water was going through the pump, and if your pump was spinning around anyway, better check the impeller. Running those rubber impellers dry is a really good way to destroy them. Don’t know if that would have anything to do with the thump or not but maybe.

    I thought being a sound engineer was all about hanging out backstage with the band, groping their groupies, downing lots of top shelf champagne, chowing down at the fancy food table, etc. Sounds like maybe not so much.



    • Just got out of a sound check (thank god I’m not the main sound guy on this gig). No champagne, nothing funny to smoke, no groupies. What’s become of this world?!
      I hear you on the dry impeller. Actually it was out and the cap open. That’s why the hose was downstream. The thump wasn’t loud or metallic, and I could feel it holding the hose. It’s frequency was slow but steady. Weird. Chaga chaga chaga chaga thump, Chaga chaga chaga chaga thump. WTF


  2. if nothing else it should be a good bass line


  3. Working too much, “getting it”, engine noises, rubble all over the balcony…no wonder we have a popular saying in Portugal when too much is happening all at once or we’re having a hard time that goes like this: “I’m in a Greek situation”.
    But we all know that you’re not really Greek because you surname does not end in “s” 🙂


    • Ha! When something is non-understandable, instead of it being Greek to us, we say it’s Chinese to us.
      Surname trivia… it’s “de Pian” originating from north Italy from a village in the mountains over Venice called Pian. My parents checked it out and found 3 house with some old ladies and no chest of gold bunions. The “ian” ending sounds Armenian so I was able to work as an immigrant with no “papers” (as a US citizen in GR). So that makes me a Greek-American-Italian. Hows that for a “mafiozo”!


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