My Eyes, My Eyes…


Man, last week was a burn-out. Every evening I was babysitting (aka mixing) conferences in under ground halls at work. Saturday was a morning gig and when I got out at 5, it took me 2 hours to stop squinting….. my eyes were toast

I was looking for a Quasimodo quote of “the bells, the bells” but Phoebe will do just fine. One of the conferences was a bit interesting ( not mine). Here’s a clip to give you an idea what happens when a minister of culture try’s to bullshit in front of unpaid artists

The situation is officially ridiculous. We’re still unpaid going on 3 months, even those who worked Christmas Day. Even our Camerata hasn’t been paid since September! Next week there’s a big-wig EU conference and we’re considering a strike. BUT……

DSC00713…I’ve  had the opportunity to “Zoot” my self in between. Last Wednesday I blasted out and with Kostas we tried to fire up the Perkins. Injectors, fuel pump re-installed. But where to adjust the timing gear. Tightened down in a chance position, we tried to fire her up without the case on. Like, how much oil would leak. A LOT! Poor bilge! By then I was late for work so I just left it all “as is” and blasted back downtown.

DSC00711Sunday… I was spent from the for-mentioned work week. So all I did was clean. And it took quit a while. 3 buckets of water with liquid detergent for starters. When I had just finished and was washing up, Kostas knocked on my hull. He and Paula just came back from there kids school carnival party and this is what I popped out to see.

DSC00715W.T.F!?! Ok… Paula is a sexy mama but went way overboard with this getup (I guess the school boys have adequate material for their evening). Can anyone guess what Kostas is????? I didn’t!

The other day (Wednesday) I blasted out to get that Perkins happening. I dawned on me that we could get a good idea from last years Perkins-noir-rama posts as to where the timing gear was positioned. Sure enough we found a good picture, leaned the gear counter-clockwise, re-installed the timing gear case with new gaskets and crankshaft seal etc and va va vroom… the old Perkins fire up beautifully. Naturally I was late for work again so the raw water pump and coolant tank will be placed at a more leisure time.

Important notes…

1. If you have an engine setup like mine, you really really really need an oval mirror. I got mine that fell off a school buss across the street from home in Chevy Chase,MD back in approx 1968 and knew it would be useful one day (jeeez, talk about a pack-rat!)

2. Have a great flashlight and every thing necessary so “your man” can do a great job (even though he spilled his beer all over the place!) and stop trying to take a picture in the process, being a pain in the ass for your blog’s sake! Words are cheap.

DSC00716 DSC00717 DSC00719 DSC00718DSC00712An arbitrary #3 note. I got that great flashlight at Lidl for 10euro. It also has a (and I hope useless) S.O.S. flashing position. While I was at it, I got a little 10euro radio with FM and shortwaves….. you never know. And some new knee pads… ‘can ever have enough of those… ask my knees!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps….. yup, you guessed it right. Kostas dressed up as Facebook!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to My Eyes, My Eyes…

  1. Zarinda says:

    What is the black pump on the left looking down into the engine compartment. Good blog Must go to Lidl.


  2. Going on 3 months without pay!!! Man you better get your guitar and hat ready.
    Good news about the engine.
    I just got a huge powerful rechargeable LED spotlight at Lidl, which includes a yellow flashing light and a presence/ambient light for 20 euros.


    • Funny you mentioned that. I actually broke out my bass this week (not a guitar) and started flexin’ my tendons (ouch). Hat’s are always close at hand (note reseeding hairline)
      Even though politically incorrect, Lidl has great cheep toys. Booze too. I don’t touch their food though.


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