Sailing Zoot Allures Post #100… Not!

Not…. wot wot! Like in a typical traditional British accent. And speaking of Brits, I’m finishing Robin Knox Johnston’s book… what is it with them and the French anyway??

l92-1enasterix-in-britain-002But getting back to the title, this is my 100th post. Who would of thought. And the weird thing is that it’s not going to have any thing to do with sailing, let along with the vessel of my soul (ho hum). Wot wot!!

And speaking of vessels…

DSC00708Last weekend I had to go to Nafplio with my Mom and friend Ioanna (who gave Zoot’s the bell shrine) to check out our farm and take care of business. I mentioned it in a previous post last year, 10 clicks before we get there, there is an antique/workshop place which is always fun to stop, stretch your legs and have a ZEOS beer which is absolutely fantastic (for3 euros) and I can’t seem to find it anywhere else.

DSC00702DSC00706 DSC00705 And as you can see from the bubbles, I’ve already taken a swig! Every time I visit, it’s a bit different, always fun to wander through.

And you thought there wasn’t going to be any thing “boat-y”. There’s one on the roof!

Meanwhile back at the farm…. with out going into any details, the weather was amazing. So amazing it was difficult to sit to long in the sun. I took care of my usual chores, but I was most pleased with myself when I succeeded fixing the toaster. I’ve never owned a toaster, never plan on doing so, but it was fun to take apart and figure what makes this electrical contraption tick. It had a bug. Like a real one…. some small feathered creature was squished on the electro-magnetic gizmo that holds the lever down and the (raw) toast in. Since I’m fixing a 40 year old boat which my life will depend on, there was no way I wouldn’t prevail. Conclusion… toast!

DSC00709DSC00710It sure is great to get this far from the city.   In the distance you can make out the  Palamidi castle and way further out some snow capped mountains. It still is February… I think…

Stay tuned… the Perkins ready to fire up again (I think)

Capt Pete.

ps… your Zoot Allures moment of Zen


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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