Cultural Housekeeping

Hey there.

I wasn’t going to post anything this week cuz there wasn’t anything to really write about that probably couldn’t be  combined into something next week…. but what the hell. Here’s a little gem I heard the other day on Too cool!

And speaking of cool… cold weather is blasting the U.S. and northern Europe, but here in Greece, it is a balmy near 20C. Yes, we got the grand Alkyonides Meres. So whoever thinks the the Greeks are pricks for dragging down the world economy, read the link and suck my boney pepperoni (sorry for the rudeness, still haven’t been payed for 2 months!)

On another cultural note, G.S.’s wife Vicky had a exhibition of her work. She’s a wonderful artist, brave and fun… just the way I like it.

DSC00695DSC00697DSC00698Meanwhile, back on Zoot Allures last weekend, the weather was perfect. Still waiting for some Perkins flanges and gaskets, I had no real agenda. I really warmed (with fire bricks in the saloon bilge) and aired her out and decided to do some housekeeping in the doghouse, emptying all the cupboards and settee. The place became a mess in no time but all is good again (the pic doesn’t justify). I even tried to make an inventory list, but that didn’t work out so well. Being so ridiculous, it’s hard to forget I got 4(!) oil filters. But I did make a list of the spare hoses and relocated them to the forward cabin and made room for heavier stuff aft.

d ancho 2Since the weather was holding up, I did accomplish a task long overdue. I removed the spare anchor from the foredeck (pics from the first survey). It’s a fourth anchor (overkill for now), too much weight up front, a miracle no one’s broken their foot on it and deck fasteners must be leaking into the balsa core. 11 holes…jeeez! Most of them went rightd anchor1 through the deck!  Naturally I over-drilled the holes to the bottom deck layer, plopped in some epoxy puddy to plug the bottom hole and filled them all up with epoxy. My epoxy is kinda old (from last year) and took a good hour to kick. DSC00699The only one giving me trouble was the top left one which must of leaked through since a bubble kept on forming as the hole drained somewhat. There must be an epoxy  stalactite (or that a stalagmite) between the hole and the v-birth ceiling now, an amusing thought that I’m not going to worry about.DSC00700

It is pretty obvious now that my decks need a paint job… but beautifying is still low on the list. Next week I hope to wrap up the Perkins saga (again) and maybe make serious plans on the cockpit steering modification.

You can’t wait?

Neither can I!

Stay tuned (here…. or at least to,

Capt Pete

ps… oh yeah, I also got the other half of the doghouse ceiling back up. They’ve been driving me nuts totally being in the way all the time. So no horn, floodlight and ceiling light this year! Bada Boom!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Cultural Housekeeping

  1. Nothing to write about? Followed by a great post!!
    Two months without getting paid…man, you better buy a fishing pole and a lobster trap.
    You can always ask for a refund on your share of tax payments used by politicians to buy the submarines and to pad their Swiss bank accounts (like Portugal did).
    Those subs may be handy against an invasion by jellyfish or some such thing.


    • Now that you mention it, a sub would be kinda cool. Imagine being uneffected by a gale flowing over you. But unfortunately, the Germans sold us defective ones which tilt! It would feel like sailing after all.
      Did you guys actually get a refund???? No way! I’m sure not counting on that one.
      Man, I miss pigging out on lobsters in Maine. Haven’t had one in over 20 years!


  2. I’ll take function over looks any day. But ol’ Zoots still looks great anyways.

    Ouch, two months now. Time to get Zoots in the water and sail away.

    Fair winds,



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