Perkins Mistery Solved!

WooHoo y’all! (Going to get a bit technical so all the “girls in the house” should scroll down)

Recap…. my Perkins was/is sick. It would run really rough and had a lot of white unburned fuel out the exhaust. I feared a cylinder. Kostas, as diesel expert was not convinced. Sticking his thumb in the injector hole (in lack of a pressure meter) showed that the cylinders had pressure and where fine. Also, while running the engine, he cracked each injector feed to see the response and they would all respond  negatively which is a good thing… meaning each cylinder is working. We hoped that the fuel pump or an injector  had a problem but unfortunately they checked out fine at the shop. A bit weird hoping for something to be wrong, ain’t it?!

Dreading the need to open the engine head, Kostas had one more trick/suspicion  up his sleeve. He removed the coolant tank, raw water pump , timing gear cover and low and behold, the culprit!!!

Tum tum, Tum tum. The water pump shaft is turned by a coupling keyed to the shaft of the fuel pump timing gear. The gear its self has elongated screw holes for tuning/precise timing. Well… the coupling broke, the pieces whacked the fuck out of the gear screws and the gear shifted screwing up the fuel pump timing!!! Howdoyalike dem apples??????

DSC00682broken coupling on water pump shaft

DSC00677fuel pump timing gear with the cover on. notice the whacked screw heads

DSC00680timing gear exposed. notice the elongated screw holes

DSC00694Time to go shopping again. I got the coupling and screws and am waiting for the flanges/gaskets for the the thermostat and case. Hopefully we’ll find out why I couldn’t get Mr. Perkins over 65C. The thermostat is closed opposed to stuck open?! In any case… Kostas is the MAN and if any of you need any work done… just whistle!

How he’s going to re-time the gear… I have no idea… but he does, so life is good. I just feel useless, but I’ll get over it.

DSC00684Last Saturday I went down to ol’ Zoot again (the previous session was on a weekday morning before work). I was cold, overcast, windy as hell. I lit the “fireplace” and got the cabin temp up from 10 to 15C. DSC00689Being a “perfect day” I sanded the entire one side of the hull! A new record and my shoulder is still alive to tell the tale! DSC00683Still feeling funky and energetic, I re-installed the half of the dog house ceiling utilizing some wood planks, otherwise a 2 person job. What I really wanted to do was to place the door stop ’cause it kept on banging open and getting damaged and pissing me off. DSC00686Well, I looked, and I looked, and I looked, and I looked, and I looked, and I looked and… I couldn’t find the F%$#ing  fucking thing. I almost cried… seriously!

DSC00688A funny thing though… in my searching (which was everywhere!) my chart table opened all the way(?!?!) which it never had done before. So that kept me from the fore-mentioned sobbing.


DSC00692DSC00690This week, back to the sewing table. I made my first winch cover!And if any of you wanna make one, this is how it’s done. I hope it fits.

I’m pooped. Just set up for 2morrows gig at work. Prime ministers and big wig galore. One day I shall prevail …quitting this hippocracy shit and sail off!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… Last night instead of watching “boat porn”, I watched the Movie “Jobs” (as in Apple/Mac) and dreamed about what an entrepreneurial cluts  I am. The worst part is that I can’t get this Speedwagon song out of my head. And you thought this blog would be all about Zappa. So did I!!

Thank god for the Hammond organ with a Leslie B3!

pss… 10 bucks to whoever can mention 10 objects in my chart table!

psss… I mean Brrrrr… it’s still damn cold!


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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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7 Responses to Perkins Mistery Solved!

  1. Zarinda says:

    I love the fireplace, I was wondering if you installed a stove but that seems a much simpler option, brick heat. Just looking at the engine, is this what I have to look forward to?


    • Comrade, Diesel engines in a boat… what can I say. Find a good mechanic and become good friends. The worst part is the access we have… but you probably know this by now
      Errr…. that is my stove! The original kerosine Optimus. I heat the bricks for half an hour and they radiant for a good 2-3 hours


  2. sryoder says:

    Ten objects in your chart table:
    1.) parallel rules
    2.) dividers
    3.) handheld GPS
    4.) miscellaneous rubber bands
    5.) cruising guide to Baja California
    6.) some keys for locks you probably no longer have
    7.) a container holding Mexican coins that are to small/worthless to bother carrying
    8.) pencils
    9.) magnifying glass
    10.) miscellaneous screws

    Oh, wait! Did you say your chart table? Whoops, sorry.


    • Still LMFAO, The hand held gps had me wondering, the Baja guide got me suspicious, and my container’s got old batteries. You don’t get the 10 bucks, but I’ll buy y’all 10 bears if you show me your chart table!
      And thanks for commenting on the R.S. tune (very embarrassing)


  3. That must have been a relief about the engine. The other stuff is a walk in the park. So, if you keep walking, you’ll get there.


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