Capt. Inspector/Hemster… Epic Fail

Finding a suitable title for a new post has much to be desired….. obviously! Especially when you’re not particularly proud of what you’re gonna write about.

DSC00669The past few weekends I’ve been farting around with the electrical wiring of the doghouse with the hope of getting the ceiling light, horn and floodlight working. I’d removed the ceiling panels and found the wiring disappearing into the doghouse combing (see previous posts). After some skeptics, inspections and common sense (HA!) I discovered  all the wiring circles around the doghouse roof combing back to the exterior column(?), down to the cockpit combing and back into the boat which ends up behind the electric panel. (oh, those Norwegians)

DSC00667The panel is not the original. It has been done recently by____ you fill in the blanks. Guess what……. f$%#@ it!!!!!!!!!!! I’m leaving this project for next year. I have many more interesting and important problems to solve, plus I don’t want to create any new problems… like screwing the whole thing up. Everything else, electrical-wise, works just fine. Conclusion….FAIL. But at least I got an idea of whats going on under the ceiling.

Back home on my working being unpayed, socially balls snipped economic crisis weekdays, I’ve been practicing with the Imperial sewing machine with my new V92 thread and #20 needles. I’m not to happy due to the fact that my stitches aren’t perfect and that my top thread tension is maxed out. I’ll probably take it to the “Armenian dude” and have him set it up to keep me from taking the whole machine apart and donating it to scrap.  But it was time to make something. Something that wouldn’t matter if it looks like crap, will end up filthy but have some functionality. For this reason I used some old canvas the “dude” had left over from umbrellas. After seaming a couple of triangles into a parallelogram to make something workable, I created this.

DSC00672It’s a Franken-wrench role-up bag. It doesn’t look half bad in the photo but up close… well it makes Frankenstein look like Prince Charming. #22 barely fits its slot and I ran out of space for the little guys. Since I’m a bit of a perfectionist (HA!) this also concludes as…FAIL. But, hey…. I got a role-up bag for my wrenches. Do you?????

DSC00666I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I try to find the bright side of my own failures. If I didn’t, I probably would have already scuttled pour old Zoot Allures. Plus shopping helps. I got some 50grit for the angle grinder and for the orbital just in case (I gotta get to terms of sanding the old anitfoul…again). A head lamp for 2.5euros (no wonder, batteries not include) and the stuff you can’t have enough of… WD40 and BlueTack. And a six pack of Fix Beer. WooHoo!

Stay tuned. A brand new Perkins-o-ramma saga is about to unfold!!!

Tum tum, tum tum…

Capt Pete

DSC00674DSC00675ps… I almost forgot. Kostas has some old sails in the shed rotting away. Perfect material for making a Dacron bag for ropes and stuff. Naturally they will be baptized Franken-Bag! We got alot of rain this week so I hung  up a genoa out on my balcony to get the first layer of smeg off. My pad is trashed. Not only do I have all the cushions, a dingy and boat paraphernalia in there, now there is snipped pieces of thread all over the place and soon a sliced up genoa!

pss… If any of you like any type of Jazz, go to Perfect for sewing your evenings away! Seriously!


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9 Responses to Capt. Inspector/Hemster… Epic Fail

  1. I don’t have a rollup bag from my wrenches. Need to get my Bride working on that.

    That old sail would be a good wind scoop too!



  2. Tate says:

    I think part of working on a boat is that when you “fix” something you really just consider it practice for the next time you have to fix it.


    • Exactomento! Even if it’s “perfect”, there’s always room for improvement.
      Funny story… my buddy Alex was on a delivery and was fixing some kinda pump leak with the captain. They fixed it, sat back and said “wow, it’s so good, it’s like somebody else did it!”


  3. Zarinda says:

    Did you ever hear of cable ties, It is all color coded, simple stuff, just get it organised and tag it with CD marker pen, don’t let the bundle of tangled wool get you down. It will pay off when you have a problem.


    • Tangled wool? Looks more like spaghetti!. I hear you on the tags. It’s still too much of a project at the present time. I really want to clear that mess up. Now I have a better idea how to approach it but it will involve a bit of un-wiring stuff that already works. If she where parked 10meters away like you, it would be a different story.


  4. If it works and you have more important things to do, don’t touch it. Looks like my panel and it hasn’t given me any problems in 14 years – all marine grade wiring though.
    Don’t worry, you’ll have most issues figured out in about 10 years. Haven’t you heard the quote that goes something like this: “nothing in life beats mucking around in a sailboat.”


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