Moving Slowly and Confused

Hey all. Just a quicky to add to this journal of ____ … you fill the blanks. I’ve been going down to Zoot Allures every weekend and I cant say I’ve got much to show.

DSC00661DSC00638An on going job has been to reveal the doghouse ceiling and to figure out the wiring and to maybe get the light, horn and floodlight working. I got the ceiling off and also the floodlight. It’s got an old sealbeam bulb, something I haven’t seen in over 25 years. If I find a replacement and the $$s are right, I might re-instal it. Otherwise… well, one last thing to worry about. What really has me in a rut is that all the wires go into the doghouse combing and I can’t figure where they come out. Plus I don’t really feel like tearing everything apart. The confusing part is that all the walls are too thin with no combings… it’s only over the windshields ?!?!?

DSC00662DSC00637Another thing that’s got be baffled is how Kostas manages to  take out the fuel pump hidden under the exhaust manifold and how I would manage one day. D’oh! The status with that and the sick Perkins is that the pump and injectors are at the shop. If they’re ok we’ll check the cylinder pressure. Fingers are crossed that we don’t need to remove the cylinder head D’oh squared!

DSC00644Meanwhile, back home, the floodlight is hitting the kitchen sink getting a good cleaning with vinegar. It’s seen better days but I kinda like it’s weathered look. I’ve also been practicing a lot with the Imperial sewing machine and I’ve gotten up the nerve to actually make a project. I did some last minute shopping at a sail/fabric place here downtown. Got some V92 polyester thread, some double-sided tape (seamstick) for hemming, a couple of meters of synthetic fabric. While I was there I also picked up some hand sewing needles and a sailmakers palm. You never know when you gotta sew something, dare I say a sail, in the middle of nowhere.

DSC00665I’m still a bit confuse why this all cost over 50euros. Not that 23% value added taxes helps much. That is a mystery of its own

Stay Tuned

Capt. hemmin’ Pete

ps… digging the books. Mind-boggling!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Moving Slowly and Confused

  1. Hey, you’re moving slowly, but that’s why you bought a sailboat.
    If you had bought a fancy car instead you’d be moving fast going nowhere with nothing to do.
    Good luck with the engine.


  2. What about the corner between the forward window and the side window? It looks like that might be hollow enough for wires. Of course that would mean it comes down under the head liner above the galley or table. Probably not an easy area to access.


  3. Paul says:

    hello from Tipperary, Ireland! Thanks, I loved your vid and everything. Inspirational on a rainy day. Came across it while looking for a boat and the Fjord 33 seems a beauty. How many do you have on board comfortably? Looks like you gotta lotta space. Happy sailing and fair winds to ye.


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