Another New Year

Yup, here we go again… deja vu

Here’s a little biddy from my sis’s kiddy animation workshop

Wishes 2014 from Texnikes Kinoumenis Eikonas on Vimeo.

(Hmmm, seems like vimeo doesn’t embed like youtube… you gotta click the “wishes” link)

Well, I hope you’re all well. I am (thanks for asking). With 4 vacation days I managed to escape work for 17 days! (don’t ask). And I took it easy and lazy and got that out of my system. It was nice to see some friends and family and I spent most of my time at home researching sewing machines and how they work(!?). Now I’m back and full of beans!

DSC00621I did visit Zoot Allures a few times. Last weekend I got busy and decided to start removing the doghouse’s ceiling to inspect why the horn, fog-light and ceiling light don’t work. The ceiling is supported by screws who’s head have a plastic cap. All those caps had to come off. Most of them broke their little do-da which embeds in the screw head, even though I carefully turned and pulled them with my finger nails (ouch).

DSC00623DSC00624The port side came off quite easily reveling the horns wires. I connected it straight to the battery and it works! Toot! To remove the starboard side I first have to de-install the floodlight. Well I couldn’t get that big round thing unscrewed from the shaft. I WD’ed the heck out of it, tried latter… nada. More WD…. maybe this weekend I’ll have more luck or I might just end up destroying it which would be a shame.

Last Monday was the Greek Epiphany celebration. The weather was far better than last years and there was quite a turn up. Of course I had a front row seat (with another 20(?) people on board) on Kostas  s/v Kaisi. Plus I managed to shoot a video with my Moms camera. Plus I’m a lousy camera man

DSC00630DSC00632Apparently the cold winter water doesn’t wear off the extra holiday kilos gained.  Also apparently Kostas likes having “everyone” one his boat. Personally I would have freaked!

Anyway, this weekend it’s time to get busy. We’re gonna pull the fuel pump off plus, plus more internal destruction. Deja vu!

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete.

Ps… next week I’ll show y’all my new (holiday) toys. here’s a preview



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Another New Year

  1. Tate says:

    That sewing machine appears to have chattered its way directly out of the late 1960s.


  2. When are you going to join the swimmers? I’m curious though, what’s the water temperature this time of year? I’m allergic to cold water.
    That’s a cool sewing machine. It makes sense to have one. What needs most repairs on a sailboat: sails, sail covers, dodgers and other stuff – expensive stuff.


    • I’m allegic-er than you with cold water. So much that I don’t care what temp it has (lol) I’ve never swam past November. Sometimes on Easter Sunday if its hot and beautifully sunny and no breeeeeze.
      Sewing machine… get one. They are a mechanical marvel!


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