How’s that for a title? One wouldn’t think those words belong in the same sentence…. just trying to catch your attention.

I consider myself a very lucky person. Blessed indeed. But that’s not what this is all about. This time Kostas lucked out.

DSC00601Check out the smile on his face! I’d be smiling too. Check out the the boat gig he got!

DSC00606Damn! Whatahellava sailboat! It’s been sold in exchange for $$ and two smaller ones and is being transferred from Athens to Malta. Kostas is crew/mechanic/skipper. Hopefully he’ll be back for Xmas. Personally I wouldn’t mind at all. I’d probably pay for a gig like that! If I was a bit luckier I would be there with ’em. Can’t win ’em all I figure.

Meanwhile back to my humid reality.  One of my favorite blogs I follow The Art of Hookie, tuned me on to an interesting product called H2Out. I did a little research and decided to DSC00610try and build one myself. DSC00608The key ingredient is Silica Gel. It’s what’s in those little packets you find in shoe or electronic boxes. It is these little beads that absorb moisture from the air and it changes colour.  So I went out to a chemical shop and bought a kilo of this stuff (9euro). Then I took a can of (of course) beer and riddled it with holes with a dremel tool, and filled it with those groovy little beads. I was pretty pessimistic on the results so I tried it out at home (I think I’ve got more humidity problems at home than on ol’ Zoot!)

DSC00609DSC00613After 3 weeks, I took a peek inside and low and behold, all the beads where orange. By golly, it works! I dumped the beads into a pot and warmed them up on the stove, and by golly, they turned blue again.

DSC00615After they cooled off I returned them back to the beer can for further experimentation, but hey… it works. With any luck it will work great on Zoot Allures, my lucky “little” boat!

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

ps… should I feel guilty for stealing a patent? Probably not. Those H2Out canisters go for $25 a pop for the little ones. Plus I have to break out the vacuum cleaner… those little beads go everywhere!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Lucky-Humidity

  1. horaciomateus says:

    Kostas is not on a boat, it’s a ship! A hell of a ship. I couldn’t afford to keep the varnish shiny, let alone the rest.
    Hey, I just read that boats up to 12 m in Greece will be paying a yearly 400 euro circulation tax.
    I used to pay nearly 300 for Jakatar when the tax was based on size. A few years ago they changed it to horsepower, so now motorboats are paying a fortune and I’m off the hook at about 70 euros per year.
    Good luck with the humidity.


    • Yup, there still winging it with the taxes. I don’t know if it’s in effect yet but they say: 7-8meters=200euro. 8-10 (I’m 9.98!)=300. 10-12=400 and over that is 100/meter(methinketh). Then again, who knows. Then they’ll say it’s been in effect for 4 years (cough it up mofo)like the rest of their ingenious scams (eg. property tax) to save a country they themselves destroyed. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll come up with some other dumb idea.
      The Rocna is looking sad!


  2. Zarinda says:

    What would the mooring fees be for that mini ship?
    Property Tax yes they have introduced that here and now they are looking at water Tax, heard nothing about wandering tax. We have to pay to keep the German banks running.


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