Why am I on the Hard…?

Howdy folks!

Look what happened last week

2And looks what happening this week (tomorrow)

pp1These pictures should speak for themselves. If they don’t, I’ll explain.


Plus a bit on the cold side and rainy. “So what” you may say. Well, I’m getting totally screwed work-wize so it’s kinda impossible to be with Zoot Allures which is 50km away. With this kind of wind anything could happen. Even if your mooring is new, safe and doubled, someone else, who isn’t as neurotic as me, could come crashing into you. The dock in Porto Rafti hasn’t got much protection and there also is the chance of your stern smashing into the concrete dock with sinking a probability. In such a GR economic crisis it would equal “the end” for ol’ Zoot. So THAT’S why I’m on the hard.

Plus I need my beauty sleep!

DSC00569Since I’m getting the for-mentioned sleep, I’m spending the winter contemplating. I saw alotta wind last summer, but hey, it was  summer time. Warm and long days… do-able. Plus I get to do projects at a lazy pace. I’ve just been going down to ol’ Zoot on Sundays. Activities are sponging out rain water and airing her out. While I’m at it, I dump a bucket of rain water into the bilge to work the pumps. I tried the manual one and, guess what… it doesn’t work. I worked on it when I first got the boat last year and knew the main diaphragm was expiring. It worked last spring but now it has expired. It is a diaphragm no more. It is an ex- diaphragm. This diaphragm has seized to exist!

DSC00579No biggy. It’s an in-expensive part on the list. (I hope!)

DSC00575salty_winkHave I ever mentioned I have a low tolerance to the cold? I would love installing a little wood stove. A Sardine would be perfect. But with a price tag over 1k$ on the other side of the world… se ne pas possible mon ami. So I shall manage with some firebricks on the the old Optimus kero stove. In 15minutes those bricks are to hot to touch and stay that way for an hour. Still experimenting….

Stay Tuned

Capt “hard” Pete

ps… the previous post broke my 140hits/day record (the second post on buying Zoot Allures). I got 244! Since I barely average 15/day, I was pleasantly shocked! The hits were back to normal and suddenly yesterday I got 275!! Haven’t you people got anything better to do?  What’s wrong with the human race?

pss…. thanks!…… my little snowflakes!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Why am I on the Hard…?

  1. That’s windy and cold, colder than here in Peniche. I used to think that Greece was more tropical.
    275 hits in one day! Your unique charm and wit are drawing them in like hot cakes. Don’t you feel a bit guilty? I mean, people should be working insteading of reading your blog?


    • I do feel guilty about the hot cakes. Nauseous on the charm and wit. I think people should read sailing blogs at work. I do (multitasking, while working a seminar or rendering, achieving etc). Why they read mine is a mistery.
      I does get tropical at times. I’ve seen 20C on Xmas day!


  2. Vince says:

    A little perspective here. This week, it will hit minus 21 with windchill here in Montreal. So you see, 10 degrees sounds positively fantastic so SUCK IT UP!!. Nothing a little bit of Raki won’t fix. Keep writing.


  3. Zarinda says:

    A little more perspective here in Ireland. Zarinda is 4 meters from my house on a very secure hard standing and we have had 80 km. winds intermittently over the past week. Yea I do listen in the middle of the night and wonder what the last sound I heard besides the howling wind. The problem I have is the temperature 3- 8 degrees daily coupled with rain. So I am still waiting to lay a deck plank. Pete you are lucky that Zoot is 50km away. You are not constantly listening.!!


    • I understand your point of view but… I’m a sound engineer! I hear everything!
      I know my weather is nothing compared to other parts of the world but I’ve your average kinda guy who complains about the weather and having a boat exacerbates the phenomena!


  4. Ellen says:

    Hello there – loving your blog and the way you write! I like your description of the wind too. The wind is definitely not my favorite friend these days. There is either way too much or not enough where we sail in New Zealand. Hopefully, it is behaving a bit better where you are now. Cheers – Ellen


    • Hey Helen. Thanks for the kind words. I’m loving your blog as well (cynical-ism runs in my veins!). I also like looking you up on the map around New Zealand, great fun.
      So what is it with the wind anyway. Too much, too little or perfectly on the nose….jeeez. Who the hell is in charge anyway?? Obviously not a sailor!


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