Black Swan Down!

Quack, y’all!

DSC00539Now that I got your attention…..

DSC00531As you all know, there isn’t really anything worth writing about lately. So I try to take pictures of “anything” that maybe will keep people  interested. Eg… a pastry shop called “Flavor”. I cracked up when I saw it.

Anyhoooo….. Last week (and this week) I’ve been real busy at work. Last Saturday I got to Zoot Allures late (dark). It was windy and there was no real reason to rock and roll all day in the swell. BUT, the forecast for Tuesday was for southwestern up to 30knts…. the worst for my mooring location, so arrangements were made to haul out that morning before all hell breaks loose by noon. Here we go again!

DSC00533DSC00535Sunday was another gorgeous day. Alex came by and after a swim, we went out for a sail with his boat Achilleas (JibSea 31). My first “sail” on this boat. Amazing how effortless it was and it flew the moment the sails filled. Also it was great to get a feeling of sailing with a tiller… me like!

DSC00540DSC00546So the plan was to somehow motor ol’ hiccuping Zoot to the port 9am Monday morning (mainsail as a backup) and prep for the haul out Tuesday. When I was about to try to start the ol Perkins I had a visitor to say farewell, a beautiful black swan hooting at me. The sea was flat calm and it was a beautiful morning. A very surreal way to get the show on the road indeed! Got the engine running, let go of the mooring, and after a few stalls engaging forward (it can’t idle), I was off on the short hop to the harbor going as slow as possible… 3.5knots at 1500rpms… with out stalling. On arriving…cruising hot… well, I stalled her a bit late and lets just say that all went well without my stern line snapping and ol’ Zoot crashing! NARF!

After some final prepping (main sail and solar panels off etc), I blasted off to work. During my absence the wind started to get funky anticipating the coming squall and at 10pm when I got back poor Zoot Allures was testing the fenders with the mainsail furling foil banging like hell in the mast. It took me over an hour to fall asleep, not that the next day events weren’t helping.

Overnight the swell relaxed and I got up at 6:30 to this


DSC00549 It’s gonna be a “good” day!

7″30 the truck arrived as planned and the usual drill commenced. Mast off and secured, hauling, anxiety attacks and plopping her in her winter dwelling. Here’s a collage , click to enlarge.




DSC00568I could go on and on but y’all know the procedure by now. Points of interest…

1. Many thanks to Kostas and Alex who make this hair raising stuff a barrel of fun

2. No damage. All went without a hitch…we’re getting good at it

3. Facing the “other”way and beautifully leveled

4. Me a happy camper

Stay tuned,

“Dry” Capt. Pete

ps… of course I belted to work after this…. I’m freakin’ exhausted!

pss…… Later that night, the skies opened, it poured and the wind blew. I got lots of phone calls from people worried about ol’ Zoot. Just in time just like last year, Zoot Allures is safe and sound… I hope.

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Black Swan Down!

  1. A great haulout documentary, black swan and all. Those sunrise pictures are the cherry on the cake.


  2. Zarinda says:

    Sad to see her come out of the water from where she belongs. You have some really good weather there. The photos are brilliant.


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