Sick, Sunny, 3-Day Weekend

Hey y’all.

Before starting yet another mind boggling blogging post of insignificance… another tribute to a passed hero. From “Coney Island Baby” his least celebrated album, one of my favs.

Grumpy-Cat-NOSo, yeah, a 3 day weekend. A national holiday with parades and nonsense. On Oct.28th Greeks said “NO” to surrendering to Mussolini (grumpy cat’s been around for a while apparently).  Saturday was St Dimitri Day (or St Mitso Day as I call it). Names days are celebrated more than birth days here… I guess it’s easier.  Also the weather is grand. 27C, sunny, light breeze, we even set the clocks back and gained another hour of sleep. No telling what’s gonna happen!!

I didn’t really have any plans, just thought I’d go with the flow when I got there Friday night.

DSC00519DSC00520Saturday morn there was a race so I head out with Kostas to give off the start from his boat Kaisi. Lost of funny stuff over the vhf and since I wasn’t doing anything, I got a photo-start. 1st off, Capt Vassilis on SV Aphrodite and a crew of useless students. He’s a great sailor and teacher and a straight up guy… also a follower here… geia sou Vassili! Not really feeling like heading back, we just hung out on the water watching the racers get stuck with no wind out in the bay entrance, only to get slammed over by chaotic  gusts… a common thing here in Port Rafti bay.

DSC00521DSC00523Heading back we went by the bay moorings. There’s this guy from Holland who has a beautiful wooden CuttyHunk ketch. Kosta helped him do a haulout/restoration project last winter. She was 18 tons hauled out but only 14 when re-launched after drying out! At re-launch, the crane kept them suspended in the water while two generators work pumps getting the water out till the wood sucks it up and expands. Kostas says they were up to their waist in water! Strange creatures these wooden boats. I’ll past for now, thank you very much! But I hear the interior is gorgeous.

DSC00525Eventually we docked Kaisi and went by Kostas place to check out Zoot Allures winter dwellings, same as last years’. Then we proceeded to his brother in-law Dimitris for the remainder of Mitso Day. After plenty of piggin’ out and rose wine drinking, I unbuckled my jeans and got back to o’l Zoot by 9pm. Feeling a bit “off” I had some soda and rippled the calm sea with an amazing belch. Feeling better, I read a bit but was soon interrupted by the instinct to run out and donate the contents of the Mitso feast to nature. My first “over the rail” hurl on Zoot Allures! It was just a matter of time , I guess. I was in the sack at 10.

Sunday after managing to sleep late, even with the clocks set back, I was feeling run down. Alex came by and we had lunch on his boat and napped. Went to the port that evening for a while but I wasn’t my usual self. Monday there was no wind at all, the sea was a blue lagoon, the sun was beating down as if it was summer time again. I was planning on having a good swim, but I just packed it up and head back home feeling crappy and totally pissed off. Phooey! Hit the couch and saw a couple of sailing movies. (“Hide Away“… appropriate, and “Wind”… lame, unless you like racing).

So much for a festive glorious 3 day weekend!

Stay well

“Aspirin poppin'” Capt Pete signing off.

ps… it’s Wednesday, feeling better, just not 100%. I just have a low tolerance for feeling crappy.

pss…thank you very much!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Sick, Sunny, 3-Day Weekend

  1. Zarinda says:

    Putting her to bed for the winter. Loads of work planned no doubt– there always is.
    At least you have a shorter winter than we do in Ireland.
    Keep us informed with another “mind boggling blogging post of insignificance”


  2. Captain, you shouldn’t write misleading post titles. If you had stopped writing at the “amazing belch” part, you readers would have been mighty impressed with your weekend misadventures. That belch calmed the ripples and did you in. Blame it on the soda…make some tea next time!


    • You’d think, eh. I do have a drawback of not knowing when to stop… anything!
      The soda, bytheway was not a soda “pop” in a can, but cooking soda powder, one spoon in a glass of water… works wonders if you happen to eat at the cafeteria where I work. Tea… I was out.


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