Shrines on a Boat… is it Art?

Well, it’s been quite an uneventful week… boat-wise. Work has been an pain in the butt, get out at 10pm, back in 7am at times , including Saturday. But on Wednesday my buddy “Percules” d.j.’ed at a bar and needed some moral support. I needed a beer and 4 dbl Dewars…stinky!!!!!!

DSC00483On Sunday I was supposed to have visitors on ol’ Zoot who eventually canceled so I decided to do a post on shrines. Webster’s dictionary quotes…

DSC00516: a place connected with a holy person or event where people go to worship

: a place that people visit because it is connected with someone or something that is important to them.

Hogwash! Zoot Allures’ shrine is just a bunch of doodads from friends and family that I find funky and brighten up the place. Kinda like good vibes, good karma=good luck. Here’s what we got… (click to enlarge!)

DSC00499Alexandra has a jewelry shop and also makes stuff. Her grand father started the shop years ago and it’s somewhat of a landmark even though it’s tiny (my parents got there wedding rings from there). I’d just hang out and drink beers from the kiosk. It consists of some 2012 charms and “evil eye” beeds… and a boat, of course!


DSC00500Nikos Benos,  a marble sculptor who hates ol’ Zoots’ hydraulic steering being an avid “old fashion sailor”, brought me a marble star which I bang into every time I get a cold one from the fridge! I see no reason to move it. Also Andelina, the art school teacher in Serifos who visited was doodling with some bamboo… she had just came from some old islander who was teaching her the art of basket weaving. She left it aboard and I didn’t have the heart to chuck it so it resides on the star from which it constantly falls off and I constantly re-hang.

DSC00507Then of course there’s my sister Christina who you all know by now, who always has some kind of artsy thing for me. Captain Haddock key-chain and a silver boat thang also with an evil eye charm. Her childhood friend, room-mate in college (they also had another roommate!) and pretty much a member of the family is Ioanna (cant find a link on her). Her dad had a Grand Banks boat and I have inherited all the charts, a diopter and an alcohol stove. Ioanna has given me a little bell which has the most amazing ring to it with an endless sustain. By its self it wont ring when the boat heels. The remedy… I had an old goat bell Christina gave me years ago. What a better place for it aboard next to Ioannas’ bell so now I got a racket going on when needed.

DSC00513And last but not least there’s Kostas wife, Paula (who hasn’t made me a bad-ass coffee in months…She’s got me on some kind of quarantine!) She got into making badges for everone for a reason.

DSC00505The boat in the middle is my favorite. The feather… she calls me a lightweight (she has no idea)… and I’m not going to comment on the monkey with headphones! But all are welcome!!

I hope I haven’t left any out

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… Zoot Allures has a new brother. Check ’em out!

pss… Captain Haddock is f&^% cool!!!



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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3 Responses to Shrines on a Boat… is it Art?

  1. It’s the art of transforming a boat into your life’s shrine. Careful with the candles though…boats are combustible!


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