Something in the Air…


Looking for a song that says “here was something in the air there always is in Boston” which I heard on a radio ad a long time ago. Didn’t fine the song… found the ad! It’s at 1:03… help me out people!

(this one’s for you s/v Smitty)

Whatever. I don’t know what it is , but it’s crappy. Last week it was supposed to rain a bit on Monday and pour on Tuesday. Great, an opportunity to witness a storm on Zoot Allures (which hasn’t happened yet… always miss them). Well, the skies opened on Monday and I went down on Tuesday and it was rainless. Foiled again! At least ol’ Zoot is squeaky clean. Plus half a bucket of rain water in the v-berth bilge from the chain locker (hmmm, maybe from the windlass switches, so I blue-tak’ed their perimeters).

Friday… cloudy and cold (not even 20C=68F). Time to break out the socks after 4 months. The swell was ridiculous. I couldn’t find my phone recharge cable, couldn’t find something else I cant remember right now, the ship clock was dead (showing 10:30 instead of 6) and the barometer showed a deviation I have never witnessed. W.T.F.!

DSC00475Notice the values need calibrating (impossible due to the meter being riveted to the bulkhead).

Saturday was the same. Swell-y, dark and cold. I decided to jump ship. After closing the sea cocks Alex showed up (after missing for 3 weeks!). He hates the swell and told me to grab my stuff and join him on a ride to Perati Island which wouldn’t rock as much. Hey, my first ride on s/v Achilleas! Getting there the sea was absolutely stupid but Perati was fine. We ate, drank, napped and were back by dark. I got to do some tiller steering and am now totally convinced to renovate and install a tiller in Zoot Allures removing the wheel. Gonna be a project but, hey, what else am I gonna do all winter (except fix the motor and and..).

That was the highlight of the past 2 weeks. Sunday was a bit sunnier and warmer (not enough for a swim though). Are moorings got visited by Kostas and a couple of other boats… it was a great day for a sail but the pros reassured me it isn’t wise  to go without a motor. D’OH!

This week I’ve been a bit under the weather and under-inspired to do anything… at all. I’m barely writing this post but the weather is gonna be sweet this weekend. So I’m heading out right NOW.

I’ll try to be a “good boy” and take some pics for y’all for next week. It’s amazing how the weather changes and “mal air” (as in malaria) can mess me up.

Stay shiny-ly tuned

Capt Pete

Ps…. nahhh, I’m outahear!


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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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16 Responses to Something in the Air…

  1. I do miss WBCN. But can’t help with the song. Sorry.

    Socks! Not yet. Has to get below 50 degrees before I go there. Pants it has to be below 30.

    We had to pick our haul out day last week. Not really happy about that. It put me in a big funk. Only 43 more days left this season. And today we remain tied to the dock because it picked up too much out there.

    I got a big list of winter projects this year. Last winter on land before we go cruising.

    Thanks for the shot out.



    • 50F socks, 30F (freezing) pants! Are you serious?????
      Haul-out, long list, hurrah! Yup, I made a list yesterday too, rather overwhelming but so much easier on the hard. Hopefully you’ll get some sailing before the “stress day” comes.


  2. I thought you were talking about Thunderclap Newman’s “something in the air” but I guess not…a little bit too revolutionary.
    But I’m sure Boston’s air is full of stuff, including bullets and carbon monoxide and also unmentionable objects which are fun to look at.
    Back to the real world. You’re not the only under-inspired person…get out your binoculars if you want to spot an inspired soul. I’m suffering from the same malaise – it’s known as the Autumn Blues…getting older and still wearing the same shoes!
    That’s what’s in the air.


  3. Hey, does that entitle me to a prize?


  4. Consultology says:

    The old song is ‘The Boston Beguine’ by Alice Ghostley in 1952. It’s on YouTube.


    • Consultology! Whoever you are, are an amazing fellow (fellowet)! This is the most amazing find! I can’t get over this! I’m definitely going to make a dedication just for this. I have no way to thank you enough. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Consultology says:

        Well now, Zoot Allures (which I presume must be Basque or Cantonese for Zut Alors), I came across your site when I searched for ‘there was something in the air; there always is in Boston’, because my wife finally asked after hearing me mumble the expression for 50-odd years, ‘Where does that stupid expression come from?’ I couldn’t remember the name of the song, but I was Harvard ’57, and when I started there it was on the air mercilessly, that much I remembered. Finally the Boston Beguine came to mind, and there you have it.


      • Wonderful story! Bytheway, Zoot Allures is inspired by Frank Zappa. With the advent of internet I rediscovered him and was blow away with his genius: technologically and musically wise. Wikipedia says he was inspired from the French expression Zut Alors which means something like “holy shit”… something I exclaim often when sailing!!


      • Consultology says:

        Frank Zappa, eh? I think we were living in Puerto Rico then, so never heard much of him. Before PR we lived in the BVI, and I remember a joke from St Thomas sailors who said they cleaned their boat windows with gin ’cause it was cheaper than Windex. That’s my nautical story for today.

        Where are you berthed?


      • Berthed in Greece near Athens… where gin is way more expensive than windex!!


      • Consultology says:

        Athens – ah yes, I went there several times a year from London in the 1990s. It snowed once.

        Re Zoot Allures: the ‘Z’ on the script on the hull is also close to a ‘T’ if one glances quickly. That could give it a secondary meaning: à tout à l’heure. And with that I’ll sign off this thread. Happy sailing!

        Liked by 1 person

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  6. but less palatable?? gin, that is


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