Dog in the Doghouse!


20130914_151902And to set the mood with some futuristic “bow wow”

20130914_12363020130914_123555After an uneventful week came an eventful weekend. Last Saturday Zoot Allures was visited by my Mom, sister and her dog Panos. Panos is somewhat of a “special” dog or as my sister puts it ” a dog type  person”. She calls him PanPoon. I call him DumbDog which she doesn’t appreciate cause Panos in completely deaf! Completely!

20130914_12192420130914_150702The day started getting them on board. Made some coffee and let them settle in. After a couple of hours those darn jellyfish were back so we took of to the little Perati Island. Mom on the helm…. hey, it’s nice to actually have crew! Not that we went in a straight line (some corrections needed) and her worrying crashing into dinghies a mile away, but it was easier to raise (unfurl) the main sail and make sure all was well.20130914_15101620130914_152225 There wasn’t much wind, a bit of a swell and we went the long way around the Rafti island. Sis has a new smart phone and took a bunch of pictures and Panos, after barking at those mile away dingies settled down and … here’s a collage


diggin’ it


huh? what’s that?




who’s that?


I’m bored


this sucks


contemplating life


was that…?


There’s someway to slideshow this but I cant figure it out just now. All photos are clickable though

All in all a good day. Perati was beautiful. After a late lunch and swim, we where back before dark and went to Cuz G.S. for dinner where I napped (crashed) from 10pm to midnight!

DSC00413DSC00410Sunday was a boat picnic day. Kostas and Alex “voyaged” over to Kalo Gialo and tied up along with some others. Same motivo… swim, eat, drink, rest. Monday the sea was crystal clear. Yup, that’s my mooring.

Not a bad weekend

Quite a haste-ed post

Stay tuneed

Capt. Pete

ps… Hey… even though the boat was vacuumed and rugs aired, the doghouse is fulla dog hair!

pss…. winds picking up this weekend (at last). Going sailing, dawg!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Dog in the Doghouse!

  1. Great pics, too bad I couldn’t expand them.
    A dog, that’s normal…but what’s that potted plant doing on deck. Don’t tell me it’s for the dog to do his doggy business.


  2. christina depian says:

    Wow! I never imagined you would make an entire blog entry based on PanPoun the special and not dumb dog! Well, he and we (sis and mom) enjoyed the entire day, definetely a highlight of this summer!!!
    And (answering Horaciomateus) because, you know, in Greece, one is always the sister, grand daugher, wife of brother’s sister in law, cousin twice removed etc etc… And beacuse we love spices in our food~~ capt. Pete’s aunt gave him the basilikum for his on board, travelling culinary activity! Yum.


  3. christina depian says:

    ps sorry about the dog hair….


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