Petalious Island and Saloufa Jellies

Yo! A two part post.

Part one

P1020459Last weekend went as planed (for some strange reason). The rendezvous happened at Petalious and we had a “swell” time, cooking, eating, drinking, sleeping swimming etc. We where

1)S/V Achilleas with Alex, Efi, “The Kid” and Efi’s cousin Nikos from the railway industry with lots of cool stories

2) S/V Kaisi with Kostas, Paula and their daughter Katerina and Melina, on there last leg back from Ikaria Island.

3) S/V Zoot Allures with yours truly

Kostas was the only one anchored as Alex and I tied up to him. We also had some others tie up and join in on the fun. I didn’t take any pictures but Efi did.

Polishing up a bottle of ouzo with Kostas

P1020463P1020455P1020466At some point I got nagged enough to break out the bass that no one had ever seen yet. I’m not one to play in public anymore but, hey, the legend lives on… not that anyone was impressed, but anyway.

The sail up was fine. Close hauled in 9-12knots. I did motor a bit though to get there before dark. The way back was on a run with hardly any wind and flying the genoa was a pain which had me off course so I motored some more. It was dark when I got back and it took a while to find the mooring jug… something to look into (reflecting tape?)

And now for part two.

Back in Porto Rafti, and so are the Saloufas! All over the f&^% place!

DSC00394DSC00392DSC00395Saloufa aka Cotylorhiza tuberculata

(Yup, did some homework.) They’re all over the freaking place. The sea is beautifully calm and I cant jump in and it’s driving me nuts. They don’t sting, some people ignore them and swim along as if nothings going on… but not me. Ewww….NO!

Here’s one in action I found on youtube

On a brighter note, my Mom lent me her Sony DSC-T300 camera. The saloufa pics are the first shots taken. Pal mal mon cherry. Hopefully I wont drop it in the drink.

Stay Tuned

Capt Pete

ps… winds from the north tomorrow and should clean things up. Otherwise I just might jump into a cloud of those sucker just out of spite! I mean seriously, I’m on a boat in beautiful warm calm waters and can get in! Try that after coming back from work in a hot city!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Petalious Island and Saloufa Jellies

  1. Ilias says:

    nice pics and videos Pedro but i am concerned.Looks like there was a boat orgy going on there and i really do hope that you were wearing some kind of protection,S.(B).T.D.(sailing boats transmittes diseases) can be quite nasty


  2. Looks like a great raft up. They are always lots of fun.

    Fair winds,



  3. Boat Slave having some fun. Looks like Paradise, too bad jellyfish are not edible.


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