Whoa Zoot, Whoa!


Got some great pics from Efi of our journey to Kea and Kithnos last month. I’m not quite sure how to present them to y’all (maybe some lame video-collage with “southern cross” music… I’ll try to be more creative). Anyway, this one got me laughing and reminded me of Looney Tunes


This one’s for you Ilias!

So where were we. Oh yeah, back in Porto Rafti, tied up at the dock, no wind, fucked impeller pump and freakin’ HOT! I was gonna wait for Kostas to get back to help fix the pump, but a fellow sailor Theodor (who sold me the good multicolor dingy)  helped me out. On Tuesday I blasted down to Athens, checked out my pad (all well but my auto water-er died and all my balcony plants are… yellow and rather sad… probably “done”), and then drove to Kalamaki and Piraeus for parts. New shaft, seals and bearing. The old bearing could barely move, a wonder how it got me back). Theodor really helped and I’m so happy he was around… no more leaky pump! (sorry, no pics)

Hot and sticky-sweaty week and any wind was from the east bringing hoards of medusa jellyfish and the sea was un-swimable. They don’t sting but… blah!  I head out to my mooring Friday evening. Of course my stern anchor had caught someones mooring in the harbor and I had to dive in… twice dagnabit! Spent most of the weekend with Vicky and G.S. eating and swimming in there pool. Shameful indeed. Sunday night back to Athens. Monday back to….work (sniff sniff sob sob).

So not much of a post here. Point of interest were the pictures from Efi (wait for it) and a new shrine for Zoot Allures from my sister (thanks Sis!)  The shrine corner has gotten richer. Soon I’ll dedicate a post to it

IMG_1495The weather is better and cooler. I went to ol’ Zoot yesterday. The dumdass wind was from the east again so I couldn’t swim, again!

IMG_1506I haaaaaate jellyfish!!!!

Good news. The rendezvous is in effect! Today/tonight we (Alex, Efi, “The Kid” on S/V Achileas, and Kostas, Paula and the kids on S/V Kaisi… and yours truly on ol’ Zoot) are meeting up on Petalious Island!. 12miles on a 60deg heading. The winds are…. you can be the judge.


I can smell the diesel already. I might try to fly my sym spinnaker (no pole, fat chance).

Stay Looney Tuned!

Capt Pete

ps… if I see and jellies there, I’m buying a gun! (just jiving). They are “exceeding the limitation of my medication”


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Whoa Zoot, Whoa!

  1. Ilias says:

    are you implying that the next time it will be dead calm you re going to hit the boat’s stern with a riffle to make it move?


  2. Vince says:

    Dude. We’re on our way to Greece


  3. That’s a hilarious photo – you look like a horse trainer lassooing the boat and about to teach it a new trick.
    Kinda curious, what were you doing anyways?
    Hey, it’s also a great photo, just couldn’t help seeing the funny side of it.


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