Voyage #1 the Conclusion

Voyage… HA! yeah, I know. 125 nautical miles in 3 weeks isn’t much to write home about, but a leaking raw water pump and 7 beaufor winds was kinda freaking me out. Plus I’m new at this!
Any way…. Last week, stuck on the hook in Serifos

Not too shabby of a view.
Neighbours would come and go. Mostly charter boats, others rather interesting

Here’s a shot of what was left of some poor guys rudder I mentioned last week

So… It was time to head back. The winds looked favourable for Friday but all the prognostics failed and I remained stuck again (25knot instead of 15). On Saturday the winds dropped, almost totally. WTF. I was going to take the same route home passing west of Kithnos and Kea. I got in touch with Alex who was out again and decided to go the extra distance and meet up with him in Spathi, NE tip of Kea.

I motorsailed the whole way with only the main sail up which I could barely fly with minny tacks. A 35mile haul for 8 hours in the blazing sun pumping a liter of water every 10 minutes.


Man it was sweet to turn off the Perkins and take a swim. Y’all deserve to be jealous!
Sunday morn, some more beautiful peaceful swimming but by noon, Sunday cruisers were pouring in. Outathere\Seeya. Another 5 hour haul in the glassy sea… Couldn’t even fly the main. Did I mention that any wind those two days was right on the nose?! I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes.
Now I’m tied bow to in the Porto Rafti port. Time for a good washing, resting and… Laundery!


Approx 60 miles in two days, thatstalotta diesel and totally against my religion ( hey, it’s a sailboat, dagnabit!) still gotta figure this stuff out. But in the long run I learned sooo much. Time to fix the raw water pump (which it’s a miracle survived)
Stay tuned
Capt. Pete
Ps…. The breeze is NE bringing clouds of medusa jelly fish and the sea ain’t swimmable. Now I’m stuck in the port with with a dismantled pump in the sweaty heat. Ah, the memories…


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Voyage #1 the Conclusion

  1. Hey, not long ago you hardly knew what a boat was. How many sailors would venture out 125 miles solo in those “freaky Greek wind conditions”?
    Another secret: sailing is not about having fun like tourists hanging out at a hotel swimming pool – sailing is an adventure. You just had one…now, drink a bottle of wine, sit back and count your lucky stars.


  2. Markianos says:

    Excelent commentary capt Pete !


  3. Le Bob says:

    Bravo Peter!!….ah wait, grumpy cat wants to say something,”no winds and had to burn most of your fuel??GOOD”


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