Stuck in Serifos

… and I can think of worse things. I could be doing some island hoping but I have a few friends here I want to hang with.
Last Tuesday after surviving a major blow, I moved ol’ Zoot and got nicely anchored in on the far side of the bay. My friend Hari, her sister Natasha and a friend of theirs who is the art teacher at the school here, Andelina who brought me a bag of goodies from a local farm (cherry tomatoes, figs, green peppers), came for a small visit. Zoot Allures had 3 women aboard!

Then Meltemi winds where down and for three days life was cool. I wouldn’t go sailing due to saving my “if-y” impeller pump for my return, plus I didn’t join friends on excursions to other exotic beaches miles away in fear of the winds piping up in my absence, but I had a fine time sleeping, reading, cooking (pligouri=bulgur? For the first time with some sautéed tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, ginger… booya!)
Perkulis took us for a jeep ride to Plati Gialos bay on the northern side of Serifos.


Not easy taking pics from the back seat of a jeep on a dirt road… But worth it

Rack up another pork chop!
One of those sweet nights after a few pops on land, returning I noticed all the anchoring boats facing the wrong way. I floored the trusty sinking deflatable in fear of grounding only to fine this

Indeed a sight for sore eyes!
Friday the winds where back but doable. Saturday’s forecast was worse so I kedged out another anchor. That night it started. And Saturday was a nightmare. The winds howled as poor ol’ Zoot danced to my multiple heart attacks!! The kedged anchor dragged, I reset it to no avail, but the main delta type plow with 50 meters of 8mil chain held while I shared raki shots with Poseidon. Rough night with a forecast for the same today (Sunday). After awakening in fear all through the night, I got up to an eary sound. No wind, flat water. Weather forecasts screw up nicely sometimes. It did begin to blow with gusts to 25 but no prob and I’ve had a good day cooking and resting from yesterday’s ordeal.
This week is looking a tad to windy to start my beat back. Maybe Wednesday.
Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Ps… I shot a panoramic video of Saturday’s ordeal but I can’t get it up on utube… I’ll keep trying
Pss… Got it!

Man is it tough on an old iPhone.
Pssss…… In the mean time, a bavaria50 just anchored next to me. He was manoeuvring oddly. He had no rudder. I dove in to see he only has the rudder skeleton left! Scary stuff…great captain

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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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