As Far as I’ll Go…

This year at least and I’m quite content.
So, last Thursday with the Meltemi blown’ hard, S/V Achilleas and Zoot Allures head out of our beautiful anchorage in Kolona, Kithnos to Serifos.

A 26 mile downwind and broad reaching ride, big ass waves and never-ending 4.5hours cause you gotta go around to get the the east side port. Turning northwest into the harbour bay for a mile, the waves were down but the wind howled against us as I sang Wagner’s “Kill the Rabbit”! (rather apocalyptic) as we motored in.
I hate harbours but Alex was persistent and got both of us squeezed in tight on the south protected side (lotsa details left out, my little snowflakes, you should have been there). After settling down we went out for lamb steaks and alotta wine!
Friday morn was still blowing stink and the waves were splashing over the quay, windows shut and poor ol’ Zoot covered in a layer of crusty salt. I hate harbours but it’s easier to stock up (fuel, water, fresh food). That night the Alex family went up to the Hora, I went to Perkules house and had some of Sandy’s famous pastitsio.
Saturday, winds down but we awoke to this

Serifos supply tanker had tide up north side of the quay. Noise, fumes… we’re outa there! I got friends here in Serifos and am staying wilts my buddy boat continued the voyage. Let me formally introduce you to my new little friends (as Scarface put it) whom I owe my little voyage to
Of course there’s Alex to whom I owe sooo much from hospitality, mentoring me on all boat stuff and giving me the courage to get me where I am. Efi, an avid ZA follower and can cook up a storm, even pizza on a boat! And of course Achilleas “the Kid” who’s main task was being the equaliser….. And sleeping

So as the Alex family takes off, I head out alone to anchor out in the bay. A beautiful day, light winds, fine waters. I did though see that my raw water impeller pump is leaking more than before and i gotta turn the seacock off. Very annoyed I cooked up some basmati rice and quit a few pops of ouzo. That evening the beach bar played jazz as I took it all in.
Sunday morn it started to blow again… and then some-more.

Stress time again. Went on all day. Numerous dives on the anchor were a bit reassuring but I was sure to drag… But thank god I didn’t. The winds would lighten up in the evening but the same dance commenced the next day. Yesterday I moved and managed to set my anchor in 3 meters of water, nicely buried in the sand with 50 meters chain and 2 snubbers. Stress levels have lowered and I’m beginning to relax.
In our next episode I let y’all see how it’s all hangin’
Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Pss… My new neighbours took off an hour after I moved anchor. Does Zoot smell??



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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10 Responses to As Far as I’ll Go…

  1. Efi Arvaniti says:

    Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 15:23:57 +0000 To:


  2. Sounds like the winds aren’t giving you any breaks. That’s how its been on this side of the Atlantic too. Its either too much or too little wind. I would really love at least one day of steady 15 kts of wind.

    At least you have the lamb steaks and wine!

    Fair winds,



  3. Tom Zarinda says:

    I am just about to buy Zarinda the same Fjord 33 ms as you. Needs a lot of care and attention but am looking forward to the project. I enjoy your blog and will keep watching. Different waters over here in Ireland.


    • Hey Tom and welcome to Zoot Allures, home of the MS 33 slaves! I hope you’re ready for the project. I’ll be happy to share experiences once I’m back in September. (texting on the hook till then)


      • Tom Zarinda says:

        Bought the boat, it now sits outside my house some 800 ft above sea level.


      • Congradulations!!! You can gmail me at sailingzootallures with any questions or needed documentation on systems. I would love to see pictures and stuff.
        Outside your house… what a luxury. 800ft… one hell of a “splash when the day comes!!!!


  4. You dove on your anchor in howling wind? Sounds like a new extreme sport.
    Buy a Rocna my man…the rollbar makes it easier to find!!
    Those Meltemis sound like a pain in the butt.
    Takes a while to adapt to anchoring, at least I did. Any sort of wind and I’d spend half the night popping my head out checking things out.


  5. jan otten says:

    When someone is interested. I sell my Fjord Ms 33 called Polly Gree. It is in the Netherlands, in outstanding good condition

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