No Pain, No Gain

I guess it’s true. And I got the lumps on my forehead to prove it!
So Tuesday was time to head out of Koundouros in Kea. My 30knot wind alarm was doing it’s thang while I started the procedure of getting the dingy in deck. Tried raising it with a jib halyard and it flew like kite, literally. Eventually hauled it on deck over the rails and button down for a 10 mile hike to Kolona bay in Kythnos.


I would have stayed put with so much wind but Alex assured me a broad reach with a bit of unfurled genoa would be fine. And it was and I had a blast! Until the wind almost died somewhere in-between (island shadow?). Now I’m bouncing all over the place in high waves. Not fun at all. My cutting board went flying knocking the leg of my saloon table which came crashing down. Screw this… I fired up the iron jib. On my way back to the cockpit i didn’t bend enough and bashed my head on the boom producing to nice lump/bumps. Approaching Kythnos the winds piped up again and the waves grew larger(!) till we entered the bay. Ahhhh.
There’s a little island linked to the main island with sand bar. We parked bow to west of the bar with lines attached to the rocks north. My rock broke twice but after a while we were nicely settled in.


Many thanks to “The Kid” Achilleas who braved the sharp rocks riddle with sea urchins and came out unscathed.
Beautiful waters, snorkelling and scenery.



Pretty sweet, eh. I thinks so too. It’s all worth the bumps and bruises.
Now it’s Friday afternoon. I’m in Serifos sweating down below tied to the dock.
Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Ps… Freakin’ wind still blowing hard. The famous Aegean Meltemi doing it’s thing till hopefully tomorrow.
Pss… Man I hate being tied up to a dock. I’ll tell ya about it next time.


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5 Responses to No Pain, No Gain

  1. Great pics of your Island hopping trip, head bumps and all…looks like paradise.
    Have you tried towing the dinghy on short trips. I towed mine all the way to Culatra. I tie a line from the dinghy transom that runs through a loop in a second line tied to front towing ring – that way I spread the load and don’t risk losing the dinghy. Hard to explain – a picture would do the trick. Anyway my old dinghy died on me in Alvor and have to buy another one soon before going back to the boat. Life is complicated.


    • Yes, quite paradisey!
      I hear ya on the dingy transom loop. Mine doesn’t like dragging after 4 knots. I lowered it today with the halyard no prob (low winds…at last). My buddy Alex piggy backs his but it still seem too abusive.
      RIP on yours. Get a small light one! (my new one is still in my living-room back home, lol)


  2. Vince says:

    It sounds like you are having way too much fun. By the way, Cathy and I will be in Athens on the night of September 7th so be ready. Enjoy your holiday. You should spend a day or two in Sifnos. Take care


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