Baptism by Fire

Saturday the 3rd the plan was to head out a 6pm for Kea. I was ready but the buddy boats (Alex and Kostas) weren’t. Head out at 8 and the winds had dropped and sailing was a pain in the remaining sea slop. At midnight we tied up in the port of Ag Nikolaou/Livadi. Pretty much my first solo docking, bow in using my new new stern rode setup.
Next day at noon Kostas head out for Ikaria, Alex and I down the coast to the small bay of Koundouros (Kavia). Leaving the port was rough, big sloppy waves and wind but out deeper things were better. With only the genoa and on a run, we did a 10kt cruise in a few hours. Anchored in 6 meters, sand bottom, we hunkered in. The water is beautiful… Vacation in the Kyklades has officially begun.


It’s Tuesday and time to head south to Kithnos. I’m a bit reluctant cause the Meltemi winds are a good force 7 but it ain’t all that bad on a run… It just makes me nervous as hell!! And it’s only real windy where we are… Baptism by fire!!!

I would take more photos by I rely too much on my phone. Here a few screen shots


Gotta start getting ready. By the time I get a sail up the waves toss me like a top and every thing goes flying!
Or maybe I should stay put. Then again…
Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Ps… Man is it blowing. Getting the dingy aboard’s gonna be tough. I like the “put” plan.


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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Baptism by Fire

  1. Looks like paradise…except for the Meltemi winds. Hey, you’re out there gaining experience (can never have too much of that).
    I use a spare genoa halyard to winch my dinghy onto/off the foredeck, but you have to tie the painter to the bow for it to work.
    Enjoy the adventure…there’s a lot of hassles and worries involved, but in the end it’s worth it, I think.


  2. Sounds like a great start to the cruise. Can’t wait to here how the sail was in those winds.


    • Besides being scary (big freakin’ waves) the sailing is great on a broad reach or run with just enough genoa unfurled to physiologically feel comfortable and cruise at 4kts approx. Great fun! But I wouldn’t try to beat into it!


  3. Christina dePian says:

    wow! Workshops in Ermioni and Tripoli sure can’t compete!!! All well in Nafplio, crickets signing, dogs barking, stars shining, cool evening. Sail well, bros~~ kai aera sta pania!


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