I Almost Did It!

For any of you who read the last ps of the last ps post, you’d understand an anxiety I had on my mooring renovation. Dove in Monday afternoon to check on it and tidy up the ropes. Went back wednesday to check again ( with a fresh Meltemi flowin’) and had a shock. The shackle under the swivel was almost totally unscrewed!!! Ol’ Zoot almost went for a ride! !!! I should shoot myself out of principle!!!!!!l
I’m i-phoning so here’s a rundown…
A real intense editing week at work.
Thursday evening, dinner invite at buddy Stelios. Good friends, good food, good times.
Friday I rapped it up, went home,
Cut the beard and hair (dieting for a photo,huh?) and head on out to my beloved Zoot Allures to start ” not working” till September (woohoo!). This weekend Alex had guest and was gonna he’d out to Petalious island. Sounded like a good plan. Hung out that evening, munched and drank. Check out his cockpit “gangplank” setup



Damn pictures going in wrong places. Bad I-phone bloging, bad!
Anyhoo. Saturday was blowing stink. I got a bit stinky that night so a slight hangover helped pass on the sailing part. But I got stuff done around the boat. Found the leaks and … We’ll talk about that another time. I did have the usual G.S lunch (and dinner this time)… A good day. And I think I’m gaining weight!
Sunday Ada came, good swimming, eating, relaxing day. Monday was Perkhules b-day. Drove to town, tueday finished taxes yadayadayada… And back on ol’ Zoot. Saw a big orange thing coming out of the sea over the horizon. Whata moon!!!

Yeah… I need a camera. Bad 3GS, bad!
And now I’m running out of battery
The new look.

Stay tuned
Capt Pete
Ps… Add a laptop or tablet with a camera on the wish list. And while you’re at it add a stereo, a Jacuzzi, and and and….
Pss… 2morrow, goin’ sailing

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to I Almost Did It!

  1. Christina dePian says:

    Have a great sail Wednesday! Yahoooo!


  2. Tate says:

    Was the weight of masculinity too heavy for your face? 😉


  3. sryoder says:

    Love the cockpit gangplank idea. Why have I never thought of that? So simple and yet so perfect. Oh, and glad to hear that Zoot Allures didn’t go walkabout.


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